Monday, 6 August 2012

work, cycling, work, sleep, work and pub :D

Hey all,

Its been a while, and i'm sorry for that! i have been working a lot recently, when i say a lot last week i only had one day off for the whole week! Thursday is my pub/club night from now on, as its the only day off i have! :( That is however until next week when i go back to having wednesday and thursday off. Its like my little weekend in the middle of the week. The one problem with going out on thursdays is that i have work at 2 on friday, which means i have to wake up and avoid the hangover, which between us is never as bad as everyone says! this means one of two things, 1) Im not drinking enough 2) Im somehow doing it wrong... but yeah i have to avoid getting a hangover because working 2 -10 the next day would be killer with a hangover! So yeah been out for a couple of nights for mates birthdays and for funzies! and have enjoyed every minute! :D

In other news i have been shaved... yes its a sad time i know :( I grew my beard after my ex split up with me because she never let me have a beard and i wanted one, and after she dumped me i thought fcuk it im having one! And the best bit was nobody could tell me to shave it off! (except my manager at work as it turns out) i had a deep attraction to my beard, i mean we did everything together! We went out together, ate together worked together and slept together! So it feels very strange not having one! not only did my beard go but my hair got cut as well, so its a double whammy :( However my complaining shadows the fact it was done for a good cause, i was being sponsored for the 'trim' and all the proceeds went to Julia's House a local children's hospice! i mean it couldn't of gone to me i got a free hair cut out of it! but as it stands i raised over £400 which for shave and a haircut i think is pretty damn impressive! My time at the co-op has seen me go through different era's with my appearance the first was the 60's Beatles cut and clean shaven, the next one was the 70's Bee Gee's look, with a mop of hair and a beard, now i am a 80's pop star a bit like the lead singer of A-ha... big difference ay?! Well my hair was fluffy and mop like and to be cut right back didn't feel right, i mean it felt almost....NORMAL! i couldn't of stand for that, so i decided to grab a hand full of styling wax and get to work on my new style (well the style im putting up with until my mop grows back)

this is me before

this is me after

i know i look sad right, wouldn't you after you just lost half you hair and your beard?! :'( 

oh i almost forgot! i was going to tell you what riding my new roadie bike was like! Well me and Chloe Rose went out for a little spin and we ended up cycling to Boscombe pier! which after i had done it and worked out the miles turned out to be 30 odd miles! not bad :D The best bit was that the Chloe Rose performed flawlessly the whole time! Not even a skip of the gears which made cycling there and back a delight! i have to admit though the road cycling stance is very uncomfortable! and with out suspension the ride is often bumpy and uncomfortable! so yeah with out further a do my route!


Corfe Mullen - Boscombe Pier - Corfe Mullen

so yeah not bad day out! i think i might go out on Georgina the brakeless Trails bike for a bit today! i have made a few changes to the set up and looking forward to testing the end results! its nice having morning's off from work as you dont have to wake up for anything and you get the morning sun :) and a bit of the afternoon but not much..

so till next time,

ta ta

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Le Tour de Fitness...

Hey all

I know it's been a long time since i blogged last, so i thought i'd better blog! Mainly to ensure my 2 followers that i'm still alive :) So what have i been doing instead of blogging? Well mainly working, being out on my bike, fixing bikes or watching bike related stuff.

 For the past week its been Crankworks Les Deux Alps, basically the worlds biggest mountain biking festival Crankworks has spread across from Canada to france for a week. The second Crankworks is mainly aimed at the European mountain bikers who can't get to the mecca of mountain biking which is Whistler Canada. The other more popular cycling event taking part in France this month is the Tour de France. Finally the Brits have a reason to watch this spectacular portable circus with two Brits fighting for top honors, the highly coveted Yellow Jersey. At the moment Bradley Wiggins is holding on to the Yellow Jersey, and barring no major incidents is set to win the tour. The reason i say this is that the second place rider, Chris Froome is riding on the same team, Team Sky. Team Sky have been the dominant force this year and look set to make Wiggins the first English rider to win the tour. however if Wiggins does have an upset and losses the Yellow Jersey, the second place rider Froome is also English, so this year the the Brits have a strong hold on the tour! Which is good news considering road cycling is an Olympic sport and at the moment the three top road cyclists are British! "Three? but Lawrence you have only mentioned two..." i hear you cry! Well the third man is the current world cycling world champion Mark Cavendish, last years sports personality of the year! Cavendish has had a rather disappointing tour so far, after his stage win on stage two Cavendish has been a rather ghost of his last years self, where he was a driving force in the race for the sprint title and won the Green Jersey. Whilst this is very worrying news one of the greatest British cyclists of all time is having a bad run in to the to the Olympics. But he has a injury sustained from a fall on a stage and is resting for the Olympics, which is good news :D and whilst talking about the Olympic team currently 4 out of 5 of the British cycling team have won a stage of the tour, which i see as a good sign :D

Now, i've seen many people catching Tour de France fever and the amount of Road Cyclists has definitely doubled this week! I also have caught Tour fever and wanted to get out and crank some miles on a road bike. Unfortunately for me, i don't own a road bike... however i know some one who does :D However,  it was in a bit of a rough state... queue before photo...

so i decided to rebuild it, and return it to its former glory :) it needed practically needed a new rear end, i had to rebuild the rear wheel, replace the gear cable and the jockey wheels, got a new chain and fitted it, set up the saddle so it suits me and fit some new pedals. today i bought some new brake blocks and brake cables to make sure stopping ain't a problem :D  queue after photo... 

I'm thinking i might re spray it and make it look a bit less tired... but it is in one piece XD

My final plans for it are after my ride tomorrow, to make sure everything works, are to use it to improve my fitness :D get rid of my beer belly, or as my older brother pointed out my "success ballast" like in the touring cars :D I simply pointed out that i have a six pack but I prefer to protect it with a layer of fat... so i thought it was about time i got rid of the layer of fat... its just a matter of time...

Anyway i shall get out tomorrow in my new roadie frame of mind and let you know how the bike works :)

ta ta for now  

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

she lives!

Hey all!

It's been a hectic couple of days for me, starting work full time has meant that i haven't had much time to do, well anything! But avoiding the topic of full time employment for a minute the best thing has happened in a very long time to me! Georgina's wheels have turned up! in all there glory! After a quick strip down and clean up they where on her! BY GOD THEY LOOK GOOD!!!!! Also i should mention i have been out for a quick ride on them and they feel even better than they look :D so i decided i would include a few snaps for you lucky guys to look at! :L enjoy!

here's the front wheel, Its a Trialtech Sport disc hub in white on a Echo TR Rim in turquoise although its more metallic blue if you ask me! laced with SAPIM spokes :D

Here is the rear wheel, again its a Trialtech sport hub in white but its a non disc hub. The rim again is a Echo TR in turquoise, all laced with SAPIM spokes by the wonderful people at


so here is a few shots of Georgina before the new rims...


Like i said before i stripped her down, back to bare frame, i had to do it inside as the Great British summer has taken over this week!

i stripped the wheels down, took the tires of the rims and put them and the inner tubes back onto the new wheels, don't the already look amazing?!

so here she is! Georgina the final edition WOW!

Also got to fit my new 4Jeri chain tensioner 

Amazing Trialtech front hub, which looks sick!

The front end looks sick! The Maxxis High Rollers looks much bigger than they did on the old wheels

The same goes for the back wheel! FAT TIRE XD

I like to think the Blue rims suit the the silver frame! 

The white hubs match the white bars and grips and tie the whole colour scheme of the bike together a treat!

My white Funn Fatboy handlebars mated with a sweet B'Twin comp stem looks the dogs!

My new favorite grips of all time! My Sunline V1 Loc-ons :) 

so here is the final spec of my beast (to the best of my ability)

Frame: GU Typhoon 26" (silver)
Forks: Alpinestars
Stem: B'Twin Comp
Handle Bars: Funn Fatboy (white)
Headset: Tioga 
Bottom Bracket: Trialtech ISIS 
Cranks: Truative Blaze (black) 
Pedals: Wellgo V8 (white)
Front rim: Echo TR (turquoise) 
Front hub: Trialtech Sport Disc (white) 
Rear Rim: Echo TR (turquoise) 
Rear Hub: Trialtech Sport non-disc (white)
Spokes: SAPIM race (silver) 
Tensioner: 4Jeri 

so there you go folks my latest and greatest bit of news! 

oh and on a serious note a bike was stolen today at poole train station, it was locked up and the thieving bastards cut through my lock and took the bike! the bike in question is a Specialized XC comp, the only noticeable feature is the bright orange DMR V8 pedals! oh and the fact i have the saddle here at home, so if you see some dick riding around on this Specialized notify the police as it had been reported stolen! some people ay?! 

any way hate to end it on a sour note! 
will blog again soon! 
Ta ta

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

(8) SCHOOLS OUT.....FOREVER!!!! (8)

hey all!

well i would like to say i haven't blogged in log time due to the fact i've been busy. But i haven't... at all!
Today was my last OFFICIAL day of school. Wednesday 27th June 2012, the day Lawrence Dillon i released from the confines of school and into the real world! so as "Days like these" by The Cat Empire plays, this is my best attempt at a tribute to, what i see as, a end of an era!

Good Memories:

- Ollie Harvey catching a bit of orange in his mouth which was flung at him
- Meeting Ollie harvey (maybe)  
- Making new friends which will always be my mates
- The good laughs our group had whilst sitting outside on the field for lunch
- The good laughs our group had whilst sitting inside the hall for lunch
- Ben Duff LAUNCHING himself across the table to retrieve his lunch box of Ollie Harvey
- ALL of the Year 9 lessons with Matt, Dan, Ollie, Sam, Hannah and Rachel
- DRAMA with all of the above
- Dan telling the music teacher he couldn't read...
- Dan moving James Brooks chair before he sits down so he falls on the floor, then gets up calls Ollie and "penis" and then Ollie gets in trouble for it!
- Dan and Ollie getting kicked out of ICT for stabbing Matt with a compass....
- Playing frisbee on the field with the gang
- The MANY "jiggle off's"
- Ryan Baker's Forehead
- Ollie Harvey and Oscar Borton fighting... SO MANY TIMES!
- Messing around with Anabel Dean (sandwoman)
- The more recent endless games of "shit head", "irish snap" and "Rummy"
- The endless amounts of different relationships... for everybody! 
- The inevitable break ups to follow... 
- The begging for brownies 
- The begging for cookie... 
- piggy back races 
- Ollie having to go and sit on his own to eat his lunch by the dinner lady 
- Iain Reid's eyebrows 
- English lessons with Ollie, poems and non poems! 
- Mrs MacDonald standing on a table with a broom, convinced it was a Lee Enfield Rifle (mad old woman from devon)
- "Bum chinemy
- "Dobby" - the original! 
- Elliot getting "Rapetastic" into a exam answer... 
- Science lessons, EVERY YEAR 
- Media
- "Ken Dubbs" and his antics
- The creation of the names "Ken Dubbs", "Drage against the machine", "Hinchie Stryder", "Pussy cat knowles" and "Rammskine"  
- Art with Iain Reid and Ryan Parsons
- Art with Dan
- the over use of the word "Folk"
- Attempting to swap a table from shades with a table in the LRC...
- Mr Wallace
- Taking the piss out of Mr Tanner... constantly!
- The successful and unsuccessful attempts at "door stepping" people
- Jammy S, what ever escapade he undertook was always funny!
- German lessons!

Bad memories:

- it all ending.

will blog again soon!

ta ta

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Where have you gone Joe Demaggio

Hey all! 

Its been a long time i know, but whether you believe it or not ive been revising! Today i had my last exam!!!! Yesterday i had my first exam and today i had my last exam, yes there was only two! I think i definitely picked the right subjects! :D So basically ive been revising for these two exams, my ICT exam was the one i was really worried about so i did a lot of revision leading up to it, but hopefully my methods of staying calm and relaxing before my exams helped! I personally believe it did the world of good as i didn't have any major pre-exam nerves because i was relaxed and i felt my exam benefited from me more relaxed :D My Product design exam however i didn't do much revision as i feel i know a lot about this topic and the stuff ive been taught has really sunk in. this was evident when it came to the exam as i knew exactly what to write about what! Which is pretty handy when you in a exam! I am however so glad that i am a car fanatic, and more importantly watch the Formula 1, this gave me the knowledge to cover two of the three questions i had to answer and the third question we learnt to answer in class which was rather handy! So there is is.. my last memories of school life and a end of an era... GOODBYE CHS! 

Now, what am i going to do? Well im going to relax and chill out for a bit, pick up a few extra shifts at work and build up a nice little pay check each month :D hopefully build up enough to buy a car, or at least past my test first! talking about the future i will hopefully have a ticket to see Nightwish at the o2 academy with my mate Luke! GOOD TIMES!!! ALSO by next week i should have my new phone, a blackberry curve 9320, the main reason is that i want a phone on contract with unlimited texts, it just happens to be free on the contract i want to therefore im getting a new phone :D Also a brand spanking new set of 'hoops' for Gerogina! pictures will be uploaded when they arrive! She is going to look so sweet, i just hope im not diabetic! Don't forget in the future im going on the Grand Lad Tour De Europe! So the futures looking bright so far! :D 

oh and ive grown a slight beard....XD

i will update soon enough :D but until then 

ta ta 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

on todays menu...

hey all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the best 4 day weekend ever! On this marvelous occasion, which the jubilee weekend i have had to work all 4 days... so instead of, like most of my friends or at least most of facebook, getting absolutely wasted! or visiting Bournemouth 7's which to be frankly honest i have no idea what the hell is...

On this Tuesday, i am a little sick of the british lifestyle, only a little though. after seeing a large quantity of crumpets, english muffins and other selected baked goods pass through the till not to mentions a large amount of tea bags... so today i have decided to dine American! NO that doesn't mean i will eat the same food but in much larger quantities! Today's menu consists of pancakes for breakfast, Southern fried Chicken for lunch and a hamburger and fries for dinner! Real classy i know! Especially considering that it wont be long before im back eating traditional english food like pizza...

Having been working for most of this weekend had meant ive not had much time to socialize, when im not working im sleeping, or in todays case cooking... i can't wait until tomorrow as i dont have too work! YAY!!!! But considering im meant to be revising for my two exams next week AGAIN i dont htink i will be socializing much more... It also means that i haven't spent much time watching the Queen... the closest i come is having Bohemian Rhapsody played on cooperative radio...

no having spent most most of this morning making pancakes is nearly lunch, although im thinking i will wait till much later for my southern friend chicken..

on a final note the mighty Poole Pirates are still unbeaten this season... 15-0 not bad at all! Untouchable?! just ask Darcy Ward! ;)

ta ta for now!


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pirates VS Wolves VS Twitter VS Euros VS Georgina

Good evening all! :D

Well after this past few weeks events i believe a blog is in order! Last night saw the mighty Poole Pirates take on the Wolverhampton Wolves int he speedway Knock Out Cup. As a treat i decided to go! Its been a long time since i've been down Fortress Wimborne Rd! Thinking back, the last time i went there was pit bike racing... That was mainly because it was Dave Watt's testimonial, and i guess Dave Watt, Chris Holder and Darcy Ward got a bit bored... But i digress. Following the 'on form' Pirates, in the daily echo every week had me drooling at the though of watching Britian's top speedway team in action, and more importantly watching them chase the 13 match winning streak! However, the Pirates team news didn't fill me with hope... Missing a one rider can stretch a team at the best of times, but with out two key riders such as Dennis Andersson and Adrian Miedzinski who are firmly in the main body of the team surely we would struggle against a team like Wolves? Well as it goes the Wolves team are in the wars as well! Missing Tai Woffinden, thought to even the racing a little. Well that was until i remembered that the Wolves captain was non other than the HUGELY in form Freddie Lindgren! Fresh of his Grand Prix win he showed he was up for it in his first few heats making scorching starts and blowing the rest of them away! That was until he came up against one man... Darcy Ward! Now at this point i should mention i am a HUGE Turbo Twins(Chris Holder & Darcy Ward) fan! Simply because you never know what they are capable of on a race track, until they do it! And what ever it is its always spectacular! They are natural gifted racers and are destine for great things for sure! Now getting back to Mt. Olympus, where 'Fast Freddie' and Darcy went head to head after heat 6 in the 'Man on Man' race where the losing team can nominate any rider to take on and opposition chosen rider to gain an extra 3 points... well to say that Freddie was beaten is an understatement, after the third lap he gave up and went back go the pits because he was that far behind... To be honest if he kept going he was under threat of being lapped! And after that, he was a different rider, beatable is the word that comes to mind :D But to opt into the 'Man on Man' race meant that the loosing team had to be behind by 8 points or more... so to put it into perspective, Poole were shocking for the first 6 heats... except for the wins for Darcy and Todd Kurtz. Well its safe to say the racing from the Pirates seemed inspired by the Aussie's win in the 'Man on Man' as we clawed back the lead going into heat 14 we were 1 point behind Wolves. Que Todd Kurtz and Ricky Kling, Whos BIG old 5-1 in heat 14 put us 3 points to the good going into heat 15... Take a bow Kling and Kurtz! However, they were just a warm up, for the Turbo Twins... Heat 15 saw the an uncharacteristic start from the pairing which saw the Wolves rider Ty Proctor make the start and lead going into turns 1 & 2 and more surprisingly into turns 3 & 4! I was tempted to write that Ty lead for the whole of the first lap.. but i would be lying... Coming off turn 4 Darcy was leading going into the 2nd lap chasing his paid maximum! And it wasn't long before Chris holder joined Darcy at the front to round of the meeting in style! back to back 5-1's!!!! A good nights worth of entertainment! exciting right to the end :D OH AND AND CHRIS HOLDER WILL BE WORLD CHAMPION THIS YEAR!!! just saying....

Now after that night of speedway... life just doesn't seem so exciting...

Right Euro's 2012, after seeing Roy Hodgson appointed england manager over Harry Redknapp i didn't care much for the Euro's i'm predicting another disappointing campaign. But that's not why i'm excited about the euros... I was, Rightly, peer pressured into a euro's sweep stake with four other people. a £5 to get in and you get randomly picked 4 teams for the chance to win £20. Well i was skeptical, i was sure i was going to get the worst teams who qualified... luckily for me though i was drawn Greece, Germany, France and Netherlands... WIN!!!!!!!! Not wanting to sound cocky but i'm pretty sure that £20 would go to something purposeful for me, like a few drinks at the bar :D

In other football related betting schemes, i have made the bet with my friend Ollie, that Ricky Lambert will score more goals than Andy Carroll in the premier league next season. The prize?! Well the winner gets to put a picture on the lads european tour van of their chosen player and i'm sure Ricky would look great on the side! ;)

Other news is that i've given into modern society and joined Twitter, @LGDillon93 for those who are interested or wanna follow me! :D Its interesting viewing as i'm following the aforementioned 'Turbo Twins' and a lot of mountain bikers! All of which are interesting to follow!

last topic for today is Georgina. well she has developed a small creak on her front forks, this is worrying as it means i may need to buy a new set of forks when i buy my new wheels... THANK GOD FOR OVERTIME!!!!! I guess i'm going to see more of the co-op than i anticipated...

And for those who are interested, Poole Vs Peterborough tonight and the pirates look good to carry on there unbeaten streak! :D A touch of the Arsenal untouchables?! Quite possibly! :D

ta ta for now!


Saturday, 26 May 2012

whos says YOLO?!?!

hey all!

Im going to start today's blog with one my pet hates! YOLO, You Only Live Once. This is true you do... But the question i pose is, what have you actually done in your life which makes your life unique compared to anybody else's? Eating pizza for breakfast? Well i have done that today... What can you say YOU'VE done which many other people haven't? Me? well to be completely honest there isn't much i can say i have done which many people haven't!  

On the weekend when the Monte-Carlo Grand Prix its all glitz and glamour of this iconic place which makes me think where do i want to go with my life? Obviously i will never get the chance to live in Monaco,unless my lucky numbers came up last night, or race the iconic track. Well that last sentence, isn't so true the grand tour of Europe visits Monaco and im sure i will get to drive some of the track! :D hopefully! But what the grand european tour does for me is the chance to do something that very few people have done, which is get to tour around europe with 8 of your best mates knowing that your guaranteed a good time no matter what happens! hopefully though nothing bad should happen but that cannot be guaranteed when Ollie and Elliot are together.... 

Going back to my lucky numbers, last night i checked my ticket from tuesday, £11.40 :D i was well chuffed with that! Gotta hope that last nights draw was just as lucky for me! because £70 million would certainly help when it comes to getting all the necessary equipment to successfully tour around europe with the guys! The main factor being the vehicle were travelling in, followed by the petrol costs and then the toll road prices... this trip wont be cheap! However, considering the fact that we are splitting the costs between 9 people this trip doesn't seem so expensive! HONEST!

Now a moment im sure alot of you have been waiting for! this is the first picture im going to upload onto a blog post so if it doesn't work you will understand why!
 This is Georgina the GU, she is a Typhoon 26" trials frame and she looks stunning! :D
 the forks are from a Alpinestars bike from the 90's and the bike weighs pretty much nothing its so super light its unreal! Over the space of owning it the frame has had different parts added and replaced on it, the bonus is that its slowly getting lighter and lighter! :D soon she will weigh very little! she is my little super model :P
As i said earlier I've been busy replacing parts on her to get the right set up and to reduce weight! there are my new bars, grips and stem! i have to admit the white bars look SUPER hot! the grips where a poor decision considering that they are the easiest part to get messy! but still they do look hot! :D

The next step in Georgina's future is a new set of wheels and tires! the wheels are going to be custom built and will look even better on her! :D to afford these wheels i have been doing as much overtime at work because as I've found trials bike parts are not always the cheapest! :( However, this is a good case for the "YOLO" argument, because if you only live once, Georgina wouldn't be in my life! and i would have to buy a more expensive frame! i hope she enjoys her second lease of life! :D

but i will leave you with this thought, the weather is nice outside, the sun is shining and if your not having a BBQ today WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! MAKE THE MOST OF THE BRITISH SUMMER!!!!!!   AND REMEMBER THAT SOME OF US ARE WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ta ta! :D

Sunday, 13 May 2012

When the world turns blue...

Hey all!

Now, im guessing you know what i am going to talk about! The title i guess gives it away! I can't think of anybody who wasn't cheering on the blue of Pastor Maldonado's Williams! For most of the the Santander Spanish Grand Prix it was a straight shoot out between the blue of Williams and the red of Ferrari! i of course was cheering for Maldonado! I don't know whether it was the the fact i like to cheer the underdog, or the fact i respect Frank Williams for what he has created, or the fact i HATE Fernando Alonso! Probably a mix of all three! I respect Pastor for driving such a mature race, after his criticism from many people! After watching the first race of the season in Australia I could tell that this season was going to be a strong showing from the man from Venezuela! I could see him passing him because it was obvious he had the quicker car, until his poor judgement left him stranded in the middle of the track with half a car after a collision with the barrier! To be honest i could see the same result at the start of the race! Maldonado did enough to get onto the front row and kudos to him! I wish i was that lucky man who put £10 on him to get pole at the odds of 400 -1!!! After what can be seen as a ridiculous decision from the stewards to send Hamilton to the back row, i could see it being a walk in the park for Alonso with it being his home race! When the lights went green, it all unfolded... the Wrong way! Alonso got the whole shot and started to build up a lead, at this point my attention faded away, and more towards what time will the footie begin this afternoon! Then Williams made that tactical decision to bring Maldonado in for an early stop! STROKE OF GENIUS! This would force Ferrari to bring Alonso in to cover the stop of Williams! But it didn't... and instead Alonso chose to get stuck behind Charles Pic! which mean't when Ferrari did bring in Alonso, Maldonado had already built up a lead courtesy of an amazing outlap! And that's how it finished! OF course Ferrari were not going to lye down, Alonso came close to overtaking many a time, with the aid of DRS that is! Highlight of the whole Grand Prix? Well it would defiantly have to be the sky sports reporters asking Maldonado's fiance how she calmed Pastor's nerves last night! You could see in her eyes she was trying to think of something else to say than by 'Bonking' him! Her responce? "By letting him get some sleep!" ;)

Now the other Blue winner of the weekend, Nicki Pedersen! The little Dane Won the Czech Speedway Grand Prix in Prague from gate 2 in the blue helmet! The Dane was joined by Jason crump, Tomasz Gollob and Greg Hancock! A truely star studded line up! Congrats go to Nicki, who has had a up and down past few seasons and its great to see him get back on the top step! No matter how much i wanted it to be Chris holder! Other great speedway related news is the return of team USA in the world cup! The main story being the return of none other than Billy Hamill! Hamill and Hancock joined forces again to spur the Stars and stripes through the qualifying stages of the speedway world cup!

so we now move onto the final Blue victory of this weekend, one which i imagine ost of you thought would of been the first topic! Manchester City Football Club are the 2012 Barclay's Premier League Champions! Now as you know i like football, this was evident when the mighty Saints got promoted! But i hate teams which 'buy' the title! Clubs like Man City and Chelsea! However, i hate Man utd more! But not more than Portsmouth, i must make that clear, NOTHING is worse than Portsmouth! I heard recently that they are closing down and joining with local team Waterlooville fc, to make Porterlooville FC! <-- it sucks i know, courtesy of my uncle! So as you can imagine, today wasn't a good day for me, on one hand man city would buy the title, on the other man utd would win.. All hope of arsenal making a last ditch attempt at winning out of contention i chose to follow the "noisy neighbors", simply because its not Man utd! Well after watching the first goal go in, i decided that the game was pretty much over, and the final score would be 4-0. HOW WRONG WAS I?! the second half provided all the drama, well more precisely extra time provided all the entertainment! That's besides the point! When the second half kicked off, i thought to myself watch this as its about to go goal crazy in city's favor! Then QPR scored... then they scored again... oh dear! Seeing as Utd had already scored and the game was a boring 1-0, it was clear that City F***ed up! BIG STYLE! Then came a gift from the heavens! Or in this case hell! Joey Barton! A name im sure that will be on everyone's lips for the next week or so! The loony kicked off in typical Barton fashion and got himself sent off! More importantly wasted 5 minuets! more on that later! Well to cut a long second half short, city scored at the start of the extra 5 minuets! and then... like a touch of an angel Aguero got slipped through and thundered his shot past the mediocre, at the best of times, Paddy Kenny! Now this was sweet to see Man city win, but what made it sweeter was the fact that at that precise moment is that i was messaging one of my friends who was watching the Utd game, he messaged me saying the utd game had finished and he couldn't watch the city game, and at that point the 2nd city goal went in! He got nervous, QUICKLY! After rubbing in the fact city were now level, the god that is Aguero scored the 3rd! I may of also messaged him saying that 'Aguero is a god'.... he never replied... i think i upset him... but i was just glad utd didn't win! :D

So that was my weekend feeling quite blue indeed! I shall leave you feeling quite comfortable, not because i just had a roast dinner and a nice cider, but because after seeing most of my fantasy F1 team fall by the road side today, just checking the table i have noticed that im still 5 points clear at the top of the Dillon Racing league! LGDRacing for the title! ;)

ta ta folks!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Redneck - the ability to take a perfectly good product and make a terrible replication of!

This is the general response to the term "Redneck". This makes me a little skeptical of my mates idea of "Redneck industries". How the public will see this corporation will be a interesting factor indeed! now what is "Redneck industries"? I here you say? Well it will cover 3 major action sport companies, "Redneck Skateboards", "Redneck Snowboards?" and "Redneck Bikes". These companies are the brain childs of my mates Matt, Luke and I. The uniting of the companies under one name by Matt was a stroke of genius, it also allows us to all be business partners and remain close friends! cunning ay?! ;) Well this also allows us to go on huge team road trips much like the "LADs trip of europe" next year! All 3 of us are heavily into our chosen sports, as you know im a keen mountain biker! The chance to ride full time is a chance that cant be missed! surely? But what makes this the most appealing is that i get to stay close to my friends and get to ride my bike full time! Two things that i intend to keep in the distant future! But you may ask, how would i get get funding for this? well i dont know the answer to that... but i do hope that it involves me riding full time!

Another great thing about this is that i get to see my mates achieve have fun and achieve there goals in their respective sports! And even if "Redneck bikes" doesn't take off, i can be a professional movie maker for one of the other brands! as im sure they would allow me! :D However what im looking forward to the most is the fun we are going to have in the future, as im sure, no matter what happens it would be a good laugh!!!!

ta ta for now! :D


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chris Holder and the Saints!

Hey all!

As you might of guessed this weeks post is a little bit about speedway, but for those who are not fans of the two wheel thunder, stay with it as it will change later! 

Well lets start this of then! This past weekend saw the European Speedway Grand Prix take place in Leszno Poland. Now, for any one who doesn't follow speedway in Poland the Polish riders are allowed to cheat in order to win! Now this has never been proven but its so blatant is unreal! It amazes me how the stewards have never caught them swapping bikes in order to get more power and speed! Anyway, the track had one real line, unless your polish, and if anyone left that line they ran the risk of loosing their position, not if you were polish, or ground on the pack they were chasing, again not if you were polish! So it more or less who ever made the start won the race, their was the odd overtake by someone who wasn't on 'dodgy' machinery. Now Chris Holder had been steady through the whole GP and scored a decent amount of points to make the semi's, and made it through to the final, he was joined in the final by Jaroslaw Hampel, Tomasz Gollob and Andreas Jonsson. As you can tell it was an all English final! JOKE! So yeah, two Poles in the final in Poland, i would of put my house, if i owned it, on a pole winning the GP! But no! Hampel and Gollob made a good start chased by Holder, Hampel and Gollob fought fiercely for the lead and whilst they were tripping up over each other, the lightning quick Aussie Holder slipped up the inside and snatched the win! NOW, i must admit that i am a huge Chris Holder fan! Not only because he is a Poole Pirates rider but because he has god the skill and talent to be the world champion one day and he is a exciting rider to watch and makes every heat that little bit more exciting! Especially with fellow Pirate Darcy Ward! The 'Turbo Twins' certainly know how to put on a show, but more on them later! it was great to see Holder win a a major GP and sort out his rough start to the GP season! However it wasn't just Holders Saturday night which was amazing, Monday night was pretty special as well! Monday, saw the Poole Pirates take on the Wolverhampton Wolves in the Elite league, and after a few eventful races it came down to a last heat decider! Both teams where level on points, and any heat advantage would ensure a win for that team. Now, this is where the 'Turbo Twins' come in, Chris Holder and Darcy Ward are two of the quickest and most talented riders in the elite league, and just happen to be good mates and race well together! Well when i say well, nobody can argue that these guys are not the best pair in the league! Also there seems to be some telepathic link between the pair to know exactly what each other is going to do! This therefore makes any heat 15 a automatic 5 - 1 Poole as these guys are pretty much unstoppable! this was case and point monday night, as only Holder made the start and was being chased down by Wolves legend Freddie Lindgren. but from nowhere the super quick Ward flew down the inside of Lindgren and stormed into second place and ensuring the big 5 - 1 too Poole! Super exciting speedway that lead me to jump up off my bed and dance i around the room for a little bit! ;) 

After that little inside into my speedway life, i will move onto something that also made me jump of my bed and dance around the room a little! That of course would be rightful return of Southampton F.C. to the Premiership! The mighty Saints won 4 - 0 on saturday to ensure the south coast had a party to attend that night! Much like me ;) In my last post i said how nervous i was about the game in question and the first 10 minuets really didn't help those nerves, but after the first goal and the second 2 minuets later i was feeling a little bit more comfortable! the 3rd and 4th in the second half just put the icing on the cake! It also set the St. Mary's party in full swing! I only wish i was their on the day! The atmosphere looked insane on the T.V! The success prompted me to wear my Saints shirt all weekend! With pride i might add! :D 

As i mentioned in the previous paragraph, i had a party to attend that night and it wasn't the Saints promotion party! My best bud Matt, who i have definitely mentioned before,  had his birthday party that night. With it being a saturday that meant i had to work in the evening which meant i turned up late. But luckily i hadn't missed all the fun, well only most of it! but i got to do the drinking! :D What i can remember of it was amazing, i wasn't drunk just that the party was on saturday and today is thursday and that's a lot of time! Its bad enough trying to remember what lessons you have each day! :S 

I wanted to blog monday night, simply through the excitement of the speedway! But i thought that i might be blogging too soon and miss some important event during the week! and also the fact i had to sort out my media coursework! As i thought i had finished with this subject, having to sort it out after work on a monday and it going on late into the evening was not fun considering the fact all i wanted to do was sleep! but i finished it and handed it in in yesterday, to my relief which means i only have two lessons to attend from now on which makes some days pointless coming into school. However, this means i have more time to chat with my friends about important events such as the Lads tour of Europe! As this is the only exciting event in the future i have planned, excluding the two weddings i have to attend this year of course! as we have finally planned a route to take, its only the small little bits to sort out now, that's if the guys who are departing for a year are still up for it once they have returned! For us who are not departing for a year, have a the privilege of kitting out are weapon of choice to tour Europe! A LWB High top Mercedes Sprinter! Basically the only vehicle that you can drive on a regular licence that's big enough to carry 9 Lads! As i have mentioned to my fellow lads, those who are staying will be master Ebay trawlers by the end of the year! As we are kitting it out on a budget!

What i have noticed recently is that i seemed to be a little bit more 'Chillaxed' i tend to do what i want when i want, with the freedom of having my own room means that i can do exactly that! There is no better feeling then being able to hang out in your room, drink a few brewski's, chat to my mates on my laptop and watch a bit of T.V! NOW THIS IS THE LIFE I ALWAYS WANT! But until those lucky number some up it ain't gonna happen! :( 

Now the bonus of me blogging now is that i don't feel the need to blog over the weekend which will be made up primarily of working and catching up on sleep! Saturday, for some reason, i agreed to cover 2 - 10 which i will never understand why i did! But my best guess is that it was because i need as much money as i can at the moment, with next month me needing to book and take my driving theory test! Exciting times ay?! the sooner i drive the better as i see it! more freedom! 

And with that thought i shall leave you 

Ta Ta! :D  

P.S for those who wanna see my media trailer here is a link

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Hey all!

Your probably trying to figure out about the title. Well my good friend Ollie Harvey should get this! this was the the end result of my friends and I planning a trip to Amsterdam! Now, everyone decides its a good idea to go to Amsterdam one time or another, its just when you decide it and why you decide it! For us its the finishing point of the "Man Point Challenge", a series of incredibly stupid tasks that credit you with "Man Points". Well, to make things a little more interesting, their is going to be 8 of us split into 2 teams. Team 1 is "Team Trampy" and the other is "Team Pasty", both teams are captained by my good friends Elliot and Matt. Matt i have mentioned before and he heads up "Team Pasty". I am on "Team Trampy" and somehow have to manage to survive the challenges and drive the van! BY now you can guess what the title is about now, the van i have chosen to take these "Hooligans" into Europe is a Mercedes Sprinter, just with 9 seats inside. Now, anybody who has been reading this carefully should be wondering why i am putting 9 seats in the van when 8 people are going... OK WHO HONESTLY THOUGHT THAT?!... Anyway, the last remaining seat is for the camera man Aaron! Who doesn't know it yet but is in for a big shock at some of the tasks! I think Matt's planning to make a jackass style video from the end footage and sell it on, which in that case i will take a share of the profits gladly :D However this trip didn't always be the man point challenge, it was going to be a race, we were going to have separate cars and the first one to Amsterdam is the winner! But very few people wanted to do that, so Ollie suggested another sort of race which was drive to Amsterdam in the sprinter, set fire to it, then race home anyway you can and its first one back home wins! i hope that clears up the title! :)

In other news, i have handed in my final Media Coursework, my final Product Design Coursework and last week my ICT coursework. This means than from now on i only have 2 lessons because i have already done my media exam, and the last few lesson leading up to my exams are exam preparation. so if i haven't  got a exam to prepare for then whats the point turning up to the lesson? Well that's what my media teachers probably thought! They covered it up with "If you don't come to our lessons you can spend more time revising for your other subjects" which is a very fair point! However, i feel that giving us  more free's isn't going to make us more productive when it comes to revising, and instead make more inclined to play cards or just sit around chatting....

Wednesday night saw the first ever "LADS night out" for our group of friends! We went bowling and then had KFC, or Burger King for some. Due to the lack of "Lads" available we ere blessed with the company of "Honorary Ladette" Emili. Our Trip to Bowlplex i felt was a success, we got 3 games for £6.99 which is a bargain! However, the KFC i felt wasn't a success, lets just say it didn't agree with me... During the Lads night out we received some terrible news which made our mate Luke 'Sunny T' Tyson very upset and in fact i could sympathies with him because i knew exactly the situation Luke was in from my own experiences. Luckily we were going bowling and not paint balling as i could see Luke was letting out his emotions whilst bowling! Man he can bowl fast!!! You, again, a probably wondering about the nick name 'Sunny T'... Well, its a very simple story....Well its not but bare with me... Luke, Elliot and Ollie went to Bournemouth before bowling to get a certain lad, who has been mentioned before, birthday present and decided to stop in Shakeaway! Now i knew Ollie was up for some stupid stuff, that is why he is going on the Man point challenge, but he decided that it was a good idea to drink a "Wicked Wendy" which consists of pickled beetroot, liquorice and ambrosia custard. Now completing this challenge he got a free Shakeaway! But the remains of the milkshake apparently looked disgusting, i was throwing up at the thought of it! But he got he free shakeaway and got to pick our bowling names! not a good idea... I got the name of "Cock Ake" because its a a abbreviation of "Coffee and Coconut Cake Productions" my YouTube name! Matt was "Patio" and i quote "cos it rhymes with mattio" thank you Harry Vivian for an insight into the British language... Elliot became "Smelliot" original i know. Ollie was "Mr Burns" and Emili was "Mrs Burns" i guess ollie was feeling lucky... and of course Luke was "Sunny T".

At this time in my life i thank the lord i have great mates! Simply because i feel extremely lonely with out a girlfriend and as it looks i am destined for this doom for a long time to come. Being able to hang out with mates and have a good laugh makes you feel that much better! So thanks guys! i hope some day i can help you out in the same way, but i am not getting you out of trouble with a hooker in Amsterdam, your on your own with that shit! :L

Today sees, the rightful return to top quality football for the might Saints! we have to win or draw this game to ensure the return to the big time! We SHOULD have gone up as champions but second place will do! i don want the agony of the play offs! We spent the whole season in the top 2 of the league and i think we deserve to go up! I will am currently watching the build up more nervous than a small child in a room full of catholic priests! 90 minuets time i will be partying! I will wear the red and white stripes with pride today! COYR!!!!!!!! (8) OH WHEN THE SAINTS....(8)

Ta ta for now!  

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hey all!

Well as the title suggests i have had practically all my coursework deadlines all at once! Not a great way too start a blog post, but its what I've been focused on recently and the main reason i haven't blogged in a while. yesterday was meant to be the deadline for all three of my coursework pieces for all of my subjects. I am lucky really, as i have been allowed extensions to two of my deadlines, which you would think i would of been pleased about! But after staying up to 5:30 in the morning to complete your media coursework, i was slightly pissed that i could of had this weekend to finish it, now i am slightly happy about this because i wasn't happy with the overall quality of my finished product and this weekend allows me to make required changes. My other extended deadline was in product design, mainly because the finishing touches i need to make i need my teachers help and she is moderating GCSE coursework. but will definitely need to be handed in next week though! Hopefully it will! My one deadline i did have to meet  yesterday i did, which is another load of my mind!
Now, not else has been going on in my life apart from my mass of school work. Since coming back from France I've been in a bit of daze, all I've wanted to do is go back to France. Everything that happened in France was great, i was relaxed and chilled out, i didn't have to do anything i could do what ever i wanted. Since I've been back reality hit home, I've been to work monday, tuesday and yesterday and at school every day this week and when i haven't been doing this I've had other work to do, so no time at all to chill out! WHICH SUCKS SO MUCH!

Recently, i have felt this horrible unloved feeling. Now, i have to clarify this situation. Recently my mates have been great a have really cheered me up when i have felt down, which is nice because it does make me feel loves. Also my family have made me feel loved, and i doubt they will ever make me feel unloved. However, i have always had this kind of love around me and its always been great! But there is always that feeling you have, that little feeling in the pit of your stomach, that one person who makes you feel like they love you more than everyone else put together! That Special person who means so much to you! when that person is missing you always have this unloved feeling, no matter who is around you, no matter what situation!

My final thoughts for this week, are with Georgina. She is my latest thing! Best way to describe her? Slim, sexy and up for a laugh! she is SO beautiful! And even looks great for her age! She is fantastic and i hope she never leaves me because i can feel that we are going to have some great times together in the future and i cant wait!!! So no matter what i should have this feeling of being loved! Well as much as you can form a bike! Yes, Georgina is my new trials bike! She is a GU and recently received a set of forks, a set of wheels, a stem, handlebars, a new headset and a new set of grips! So she has been tarted up a bit over the past few weeks! All i need to get for her now is a set of cranks and a new chainring and she is ready to ride! Lets hope she is as good to ride as she looks!!!!

For now however, i must go to work!

ta ta for now

Sunday, 15 April 2012

and im BACK!

hey guys!

1480 miles later and im back! here in, well i was going to say sunny England, but just England will do! For anyone who cares last night i got home at half two in the morning, but it came with a slight bit of good news... the McDonalds at Ferndown has a 24hr drive through! RESULT!

Anyway, my holiday. It had its highlights and serious lows! Lets stick with the highlights for now! Well the first bit of good news is that my Saints shirt turned up before we left, however what my dad did was pack it before i got home and pretend it never turned up! So imagine my joy/relief when we got their and a royal mail package was chucked at me! The even better news is that it fits me! Speaking of things not turning up, im STILL waiting for my Ferrari brochure to come through the post! A whole month after i ordered it! It would of been easier for me to pick one up in the Ferrari dealership in Monaco! As you might of guessed i went to Monaco, it is an unbelievable place! I want to live there! everything is so glamorous! Sun, Sea and the finest selection of supercars on the planet! IT WAS HEAVEN!!!!! at this point i would like to add that whilst we were in Monaco, it was cloudy all day and then it rained... BUT I STILL WORE MY SUNGLASSES!!!!! Oh yeah, these sunglasses! Six years ago i went to Decathlon (french shop) for the first time, and saw these sunglasses which i loved and have wanted ever since. Well, i have a job now! so i bought them! AND I LOVE THEM!!!! I wore them everyday, even on days it rained! which is tad bit weird but completely justified! :D Another great place on the south coast of France is St. Tropez, a small port town which has been glamorized and become a fantastic place to go! Luckily, unlike Monaco, it was sunny all day! So i wore my new Saints shirt and my sunglasses with pride! Walking around the harbor at St. Tropez gives you a great chance to pick out any future boat you wish to purchase! Pretty handy when your going to become a future millionaire and this sort of thing is important to you! However, there was NO Sunseeker's there... NOW i must explain, the only reason im buying a Sunseeker is because im supporting my local economy, because Sunseekers are built in Poole! :D But hey ho life goes on, i have however, decided that i will keep my boat just outside of St. Tropez harbor encase i ever needed to go there... and get an ice cream... or i could just pop across the med to Frejus, ONE of my all time greatest places to go! Its such a picturesque place to go! The buildings, twinned with the boats and the sun make this place simply breath taking! I WILL LIVE THEIR!!!!! Also on that day i wore my Saints shirt again, because i paid for it i want to get the most from it, and this Italian guy came up to me and told me that three days ago he was in St. Mary's (for those who don't know its the home of football!) during a tour of the south coast of England! Which was a little bit freaky, but still super cool! Shame he wasn't from Modena (for those who don't know its the home of Ferrari!) so he could give me my Ferrari brochure! :@ DONT WORRY GUYS I HAVE A TICKET FOR THE PAST THREE WEEKS AND IM GOING TO CHECK IT LATER!!!!!! and if i win?! I will be describing the south of France a little bit more clearly form the back of my Sunseeker yacht! ;) Other great events from my holiday include discovering the drink "Desperado" which is Mexican influenced beer with tequila, brewed in France..... Which is the best drink to sip out side the bar, enjoying the sun and looking over one of the millions of swimming pools at the place we were staying! (another footnote i should add is that being 18 means you do spend a good 75% of your time at the bar just saying) Other great news is that i managed to drag myself away from the bar for 5 minutes to improve my media essay and complete a good chunk of product design coursework! Oh and i managed to film for my media as well!

Now i get onto the lows, and you might of guessed whats about to come... (Guess here)... yup you probably got it..... Saints aint top of the league.... no that's not a real low at all, because i know were going to win the last three games of the season and reading are going to loose the last three games of the season! No the real low is that for two weeks i imagined, fantasized, yearned, wanted and needed her. And being reminded 24/7 about her by a certain someone who will remain anonymous for the sake of blog, really didn't help! It really did ruin my holiday! As soon as i felt a little better something would happen that would put me straight back into that mood again! On some days i didn't even want to get out of bed, but my dad reminded me (forced me) to get out of bed! Also a 3ft hurricane that won't remain anonymous, simply because he is so loud, wouldn't let me sleep either! Bursting into my bedroom shouting things like "Lawrence OUT!" or the other popular one was "Lawrence, James, SCHOOL!" But, you gotta love him! Well i have to he is my nephew, you guys don't.... on the subject of my nephew Alexander, who by the way is two now, we have managed to teach him things like "Kiss the badge" which means he will hunt for a saints shirt and kiss the badge! Another party trick he has, which will certainly impress his uncle Chris, is his ability to sing the whole chorus of Rammsteins "Du hast" which on the 740 mile trip on the way back made me and my sister chuckle quite a bit! the other being "Woo Woo Chick Chick!" but i will leave that for another day....

Here is some thing to make you chuckle! Each holiday there is a band or song which gets played far to often on holiday and gets know as the "Holiday anthem". To recap a few, the first time i went to Spain in 2003, Iron Maiden's "Rock in Rio" CD was the Holiday anthem, and two years later AGAIN on the south coast of France Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits was the holiday anthem. This year? well its got to either be Steel Panthers "Asian Hooker" or "Thar she blows" i will let you YouTube them!

so i think i've bored you enough for one day


Thursday, 29 March 2012

a day left....

Hey peeps!

Well i thought i better post one more time before i leave for france! So whats new in my world? Well for starters a double bed for my room! :D Not bad ay? However its not the most comfy bed in the entire world, but its something i'm going to have to get used too! Other new things include the new Within Temptation album AND the new Evanescence album! :D ULTRA WIN! I actually feel like my world is slowly upgrading to an adults world, i mean except for the fact i have a decent job and a car... apart from that though its pretty good! no complaints so far! :D

Well its thursday you know what that means... i'm gearing up for "BIG friday" (the euromillions) However some bastards have won the last few jackpots so at the moment its a tiny £12 million, now i have no beef with winning £12 million... Its just that the Sunseeker i have picked out is £11 million which doesn't exactly leave me with much to get a new house and a ferrari! :( I guess however the Sunseeker is the boat equivalent of a house... Considering it's 130ft long! It also has the capacity for 8 guests with 5 bedrooms, now by my calculations, that leaves enough beds for everyone in my family (NOT SECOND COUSINS THREE TIMES REMOVED....) However, it also leaves me a bit short for cash when it comes to hiring my monkey butler, Phillip. I guess i'm just going to have to hire the next best thing, his cousin Gordon the Gorilla! ;) Although, I hear he is easily tempted with payments in pasties of the Cornish persuasion! :D

This particular week at school has been hell! no other way to describe it! I've had to attempt to hand in three projects, which are not nearly enough finished, well one is, the other two need serious work! :S My tech project has been the real killer one, its taken far too long and its not even finished... not good! My media project can be finished next week in france with the final segment! The good news is that my ICT is finished! :D I just need it to be checked by my teacher! So that one load of my mind! Other sad news to come from Corfe Hills is the departure of Sue in  the cafe, everyone loves Sue and i'm sure everyone wishes her the best in her new job! The last major annoyance at the moment is the fact the weather is so great at the moment that i'd rather be outside enjoying it than doing coursework! Not great i know...

Speaking of the weather, its been amazing! I'm not going to lie, i have been tempted to go out and get a tan! however, as it seems school work has ruined my tanning routine! So when questioned why i am so white and pasty i will reply, its because i'm a good student who does his school work!.... Apparently... the weather at the moment is what i like to call "Aussie time, time to whack out jacko!" this roughly translates into "lets hang out in the garden with a nice cold fosters!(Jacko) and wish we could BBQ" Now im not the sort of person who holds a grudge... or maybe i am... i'm not really sure...   well anyway, im very jealous of the Aussie way of life, three main aspects if which include the three B's! Beech, BBQ and Beer! now that seems like the life for me! i think i'm a secret Aussie... or at least i hope so!

Well now we move onto my love life, except for the Aussie way of life, this hasn't really improved :( i might be tempted to result to bribery to win her back... now what would she like? All i can really offer her is my hopes and dreams! And hopefully after tomorrow night a share of £12 million! After serious consideration i have consisted a plan to win her back, all i need it a bit of chloroform.... Actually better not do that... Might not work... Well ok give it some time and i will think of a better idea! the sad thing is that i never get to see her and i think about her all the time! It is the sad bit, i'm not the sad bit! Before anyone decides to comment!!!!! You know when every time you see something that reminds you of something, for example you see someone with beach stuff and it reminds you of the last time you went to the beach? Well i get that all the time! Especially when i see a mint green Peugeot 206, which i have personally decided are the most popular car bought ever! Only rivaled by the silver Vauxhall Astra! Which is what my sister has, therefore i'm always checking silver Astra's to see if they are her!

So with that i will leave you for two weeks, try not to be sad or cry, because i will return in a fortnights time! :D With (Hopefully) more exciting things to talk about! But until then i will bid you farewell!

ta ta!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

So the weekend...

Well, i posted Friday and i'm posting again today, what am i like?... 
Anyway, my weekend... 

Saturday was good, i watched the F1 qualifying and then went out with my mates for an hour before work. which was entertaining... my friend Matt, who i'm sure I've mentioned before,  has finally got his Micra on the road and driving around. which mean't he spent practically all of the weekend on Corfe Mullen, which was nice to see him because he lives in Spetisbury! Matt's helping me film my media product which we tried to do today... unfortunately i had two punctures and our filming session was cut very short... NOT GOOD! 

So after giving up on filming my media thing, after running out of inner tubes! we decided to go to the REC for a bit. Mainly because the weather was so damn good! My parents and my cousins were there, which was nice, AND VERY TIRING, to see them! they are 6,5 and 3 and all little nightmares! we played Frisbee, football and wrestle Matt to the ground! fun for all! Another funny thing include my uncle falling flat on his arse playing football! had us all in hysterics for a very long time! :D 

Today saw the return of the F1 for another weekend, this for me is a important event because of my Fantasy F1 league. This weekend was not a success for my team, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel not scoring was a big blow, however as per usual Sergio Perez scored me the best points of the whole weekend! I am 7 points behind my sister in the league, but that isn't factoring the scores from the last week, which would make my team still on top of the league! GET IN THERE!!!!!! I'm just waiting for the scores from last week and then i get to boast a little more! ;) 

With the weather being so great today, it was nice to spend some time with my friends at the REC because it brings back some great memories of hanging out at the REC! just when we used to before there was a few more people, by about 20... but still 3 was good enough for today! one thing i did notice however is the amount of couples who were out enjoying the sun, holding hands and kissing... now i hate to sound like a dick but i really want to interrupt all of the kissing because it was making me very sad indeed! I did think about kissing matt... but he is not my type, mainly because he is a man... and has a bit of a beard! I've never wanted to be with a girl so badly since the break up! now this is probably sounding a bit repetitive by now! me moaning about being single! but im not the sort of guy who likes being single, i like to have someone to spend those 'Moments' with! someone to hold, hug and kiss! i guess i'm a bit of a softy like that. i just wanted someone to go out for a walk with, enjoy the sunshine and share a ice cream... i really miss her y'know.... :(

now its a week before i go to france. everything is starting to get a little more exciting, i have a new pair of shoes to go away with and recently bought myself a new Southampton F.C football shirt! name  and number too! i thought a better buy one now were a sure bet to go up automatically! Also now i have a job i guessed i should treat myself, and because everything in my life is going 'tits up' if you pardon the expression! i thought i deserved a little 'pick me up'! i have also some money changed from pounds to euros, which is even more exciting! now, because i have two punctures today it looks like im going to have to buy a huge stash of inner tubes in france! they are extremely cheap in a shop called "Decathlon". which i guess is sorta like JJB sports crossed with Oswald Bailey! full of every type of sports gear and hiking gear available, you can even buy live bait for fishing in there! first thing im going to buy over there though is a nice cold beer from the bar! because after traveling all the way down their i think i deserve one! don't you?!

Final bit of good news, i have finally won on the euromillions!!!!!! a whopping £2.40 friday night! i'm so proud! and with the excitement i bought myself a normal lotto ticket for last night... i still haven't checked it yet so i could be sat here a millionaire, or not... y'know its not likely, but you can still have to dream!
now, i would like to take this final opportunity to say a little hello to everyone from work who is reading this, i never knew you guys did read this so i hope i don't sound too boring! and i'm just as entertaining as i am at work! if not say! and i will liven it up a little! ;) 

fair well for now!    

Friday, 23 March 2012

and the weekend is here! :D

Hey guys! unfortunately i'm blogging a £4 poorer man after Tuesdays poor showing in the EuroMillions, but don't worry, where there is sadness their will be joy! (hopefully) well that's what i have been telling myself over the last few weeks anyway... yes you may of guessed it.. i'm still single... Moving swiftly on to the weekend!

Corfe Mullen is slowly turning into tropical! It is a massive shock to the system! However, i'm really liking this because its getting me warmed up for the two weeks in the south of France in 8 days! not excited or anything... i hope that in two days i'm sat in the sun eating dorito's and dip and drinking orange juice like i am now! sounds a good life! Only if i could do this everyday, like if i won the euromillions... You may get annoyed with me talking about the euro's far too much! i certainly know it annoys my mate Matt! in case your wondering, I've bought my ticket for tonight, FINGERS CROSSED!

In other news, i'm thinking about changing my hair style. at the moment its a bit like the beetles crossed with the hair bear bunch. what i thought of going for was either the 'Ed Sheeran' or the 'Young Einstein', either way its a little bit different! i do have a haircut booked for next week, i just have to make sure my dad doesn't slip the hairdresser a fiver and say scalp him!!!

Recently My tutor has taken it upon himself to find me a job until i win the euromillions. Today, he gave me a Gap Year magazine, which always makes me jealous of people who live in places such as Australia and Canada, who have sunshine and amazing views! Another job which me and a my friend Dan came up with is authors of the "Worlds Greatest Beaches" book which allows us to go to as many beaches as we can, enjoy the sunshine, drink beer and BBQ! LIFE DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT! How would we fund such a idea? well i dunno but i can't see us being incredibly rich people... unless of course we were millionaires....

Whats better than living life on a beach? how about living on the French Rivera on a Sunseeker Predator 130 yacht! yes i know, YET another fantasy! a £10 million one at that! its would be a hell of a party boat! but I've got to be careful who i invite, because i don't particularly want to clean a melted jelly baby from the inside of a microwave... or for that matter a cat...

In more realistic news, i have finished my media essay mk2! and handed it in as well! for some reason my perfectly good essay wasn't as good as i thought it was... in other media related news, my actual movie has now two segments filmed and the last one in england going to be filmed on sunday!

My nephew had his 2nd birthday yesterday, which made me very jealous indeed, simply because when i was his ages i never got the uber cool things he got! a new Southampton F.C. kit with his name on the back, endless cars and a hornby train set which he loves! it made me realize how much i like children, and would love to have a family of my own one day. That was, However, until he opened his mouth and started to scream....  i have now decided i might not have children... plus i don't have the partner to do that sort of stuff with...

Work is depressing me at the moment. i think now the novelty has finally worn off for good! it has finally dawned upon me that if i stay in this job for too long i might very well turn me into the biggest depressed person ever! and on that note i have 1 hour and 40 minuets until my next shift starts at my favorite place on the planet!

just a quick reminder that the formula one is on this weekend, and if anyone knows me well they would know that my team "LGD-Racing" are top of the "Dillon racing league" and i intend to keep them there! We are 11 points clear of my older brother Chris and 89 points clear of bottom of the league Younger brother James... HAPPY DAYS!

i will leave you with one last thought. no matter if i win the euro's or not, i will keep on posting! just encase you thought i wouldn't!

Ta ta for now!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

and you caught my eye...

Today sucked! their is no other way to describe it! It's been like nearly two weeks but if anything i miss you so much more! When i catch a glimpse of you it makes me happy, but then again it makes me feel very empty. All i want to do is hug you, cuddle with you and talk to you! you were my best friend for such a long time, now its just empty. I can't escape you, when i can't see you i'm thinking about you. Everything i do reminds me of you, just going out to walk the dog reminds me of you. I can't escape you, sometimes i wish i could for just a day, but i can't. I just want to be with you, but why? why do i want to be with you? you broke my heart so many times, yet i still feel the same about you! I've never missed an Ex like i have missed you! I miss your laugh, your smile, i miss how you would say things one minute and a day later forget you said them! I miss your kiss, and the way you used to lick my nose! I miss how you used to listen to everything i said, and even if you were not listening you made it seem like you were! I miss you calling me "Sweetpea"! I miss how you would correct my grammar at every moment possible! I miss how your insults don't make sense! I even miss watching Jeremy Kyle with you! I miss how you only ate cheese sandwiches and drank only water! I EVEN MISS HOW EVERY MEAL WAS PIZZA! I miss making cakes, muffins and cookies! I miss watching you, in all your beauty! Whether it's sewing, knitting or just reading a book. the way you used to shout at me for not doing work, and shout at me for distracting you from your work! I miss how you used to beg me not to tickle you, but i still would! I miss the intense stare you used to give me before we made out. I miss laying in your bed next to you, just cuddling and talking. I miss your cute little snore you had when you fell asleep in my arms! I miss the random German conversations we would have. I miss how you would ask my opinion on something then completely ignore it. I miss how everything was hand made, made with love and care! There is nothing i don't miss about you! You mean so much too me that i can't just let you go! What can i do to make you love me? I want all these things again! Actually i don't.... i just want you!

Rachel Latham, i love you

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Week

Well where do i start? with the disappointment or the joy? well lets start with whats theirs less of.... joy. 

Well Melbourne Australia is the start of the Formula 1 season, the glitz and glamour that is the pinnacle of Motorsport. As usual i'm cheering on big Paul di Resta, the super fast flying Scot who's enjoying his second year in the highest form of the sport. I've been a fan of Paul since his DTM days and i'm glad to see his talent has has been noticed, even if he was Mercedes driver and i'm Audi fan. why else is the start of the F1 exciting? well it sees the return of Fantasy F1, this year my team goes head to head in the Dillon Racing League against my brothers and sister. I've gone for what thought was the best and most consistent team that is Red Bull and the man on fire that is Sebastian Vettel, however after watching qualifying i probably should of put my faith in the all English team of McLaren. I'm not unhappy with the fact the McLaren's have locked out the front row because its nice to see the Brits doing well! Furthermore i'm not unhappy that the most beautiful car on the grid has locked out the front row, it's nice to see that beauty still pro vales in the sport, just like in the 60's when sports cars where beautiful and curvy like they should be! In particular my favorite the Ferrari 250 GTO! Other MORE exciting news is that i'm going on holiday in the Easter half term. I'm going to the French Riviera for two weeks with friends. Which i'm looking forward too! its very exciting! 

Now, onto the bad part of my week. Where do i start?! Well media, my 2000 word essay that i worked so incredibly hard on, was crap! out of 48 it scored 17! So i need to rewrite it, rapidly! so that was the start of the week, which only got worse! I also have to resit my ICT info 1 exam, so that i can get a 'C' overall in ICT. SO YAY EVEN MORE EXAMS! :( Among this i have next few weeks to hand in my Product design coursework, first is the actual product which is a bike stand made from solid pine which needs to be in by two weeks time. Then their is my portfolio of sheets to follow which is due in the week after. I guess i'm not having much of a social life until the end of the Easter break.i also wasn't very well at the start of the week, what i thought was tonsillitis turned out to be a sore throat. i wasn't impressed, good news it wasn't tonsillitis! However i have to put on my work form that i was off for a week with a sore throat... i don't think they will be impressed... other bad news this week is that i'm not a euro millionaire... this is extremely sad because i have no life after i leave school, no idea where i'm going or what i'm going to do come August. So £37 million would of been a nice little win to ensure my life is full of hope and joy right now! Also a nice little win would of ensured my ownership of a Ferrari of some description! and would also ensure i'm not stuck working in a Co-op for the rest of my life... which isn't the career path i had in mind! What else would of £37 million brought me? Well after the recent departure of the love of my life, its would bring a bit of comfort and help me with my struggle to win her back, which for now is non existent! And i don't want it too be! so until my numbers come up, i'm going to have to struggle on unaided! In the hope that's enough! 

I hope everyone else had a good week! And i also wish everyone a better next week! for now, i'm going to finish my media essay then at four, go back to work. After work tonight, i'm going to tuck myself up in bed and wonder what could of been, and whats going to be! After all, the euro millions returns Tuesday! Sure £12 million isn't much, but its enough for me and my quest! I miss her loads! 
bye for now!