Sunday, 13 May 2012

When the world turns blue...

Hey all!

Now, im guessing you know what i am going to talk about! The title i guess gives it away! I can't think of anybody who wasn't cheering on the blue of Pastor Maldonado's Williams! For most of the the Santander Spanish Grand Prix it was a straight shoot out between the blue of Williams and the red of Ferrari! i of course was cheering for Maldonado! I don't know whether it was the the fact i like to cheer the underdog, or the fact i respect Frank Williams for what he has created, or the fact i HATE Fernando Alonso! Probably a mix of all three! I respect Pastor for driving such a mature race, after his criticism from many people! After watching the first race of the season in Australia I could tell that this season was going to be a strong showing from the man from Venezuela! I could see him passing him because it was obvious he had the quicker car, until his poor judgement left him stranded in the middle of the track with half a car after a collision with the barrier! To be honest i could see the same result at the start of the race! Maldonado did enough to get onto the front row and kudos to him! I wish i was that lucky man who put £10 on him to get pole at the odds of 400 -1!!! After what can be seen as a ridiculous decision from the stewards to send Hamilton to the back row, i could see it being a walk in the park for Alonso with it being his home race! When the lights went green, it all unfolded... the Wrong way! Alonso got the whole shot and started to build up a lead, at this point my attention faded away, and more towards what time will the footie begin this afternoon! Then Williams made that tactical decision to bring Maldonado in for an early stop! STROKE OF GENIUS! This would force Ferrari to bring Alonso in to cover the stop of Williams! But it didn't... and instead Alonso chose to get stuck behind Charles Pic! which mean't when Ferrari did bring in Alonso, Maldonado had already built up a lead courtesy of an amazing outlap! And that's how it finished! OF course Ferrari were not going to lye down, Alonso came close to overtaking many a time, with the aid of DRS that is! Highlight of the whole Grand Prix? Well it would defiantly have to be the sky sports reporters asking Maldonado's fiance how she calmed Pastor's nerves last night! You could see in her eyes she was trying to think of something else to say than by 'Bonking' him! Her responce? "By letting him get some sleep!" ;)

Now the other Blue winner of the weekend, Nicki Pedersen! The little Dane Won the Czech Speedway Grand Prix in Prague from gate 2 in the blue helmet! The Dane was joined by Jason crump, Tomasz Gollob and Greg Hancock! A truely star studded line up! Congrats go to Nicki, who has had a up and down past few seasons and its great to see him get back on the top step! No matter how much i wanted it to be Chris holder! Other great speedway related news is the return of team USA in the world cup! The main story being the return of none other than Billy Hamill! Hamill and Hancock joined forces again to spur the Stars and stripes through the qualifying stages of the speedway world cup!

so we now move onto the final Blue victory of this weekend, one which i imagine ost of you thought would of been the first topic! Manchester City Football Club are the 2012 Barclay's Premier League Champions! Now as you know i like football, this was evident when the mighty Saints got promoted! But i hate teams which 'buy' the title! Clubs like Man City and Chelsea! However, i hate Man utd more! But not more than Portsmouth, i must make that clear, NOTHING is worse than Portsmouth! I heard recently that they are closing down and joining with local team Waterlooville fc, to make Porterlooville FC! <-- it sucks i know, courtesy of my uncle! So as you can imagine, today wasn't a good day for me, on one hand man city would buy the title, on the other man utd would win.. All hope of arsenal making a last ditch attempt at winning out of contention i chose to follow the "noisy neighbors", simply because its not Man utd! Well after watching the first goal go in, i decided that the game was pretty much over, and the final score would be 4-0. HOW WRONG WAS I?! the second half provided all the drama, well more precisely extra time provided all the entertainment! That's besides the point! When the second half kicked off, i thought to myself watch this as its about to go goal crazy in city's favor! Then QPR scored... then they scored again... oh dear! Seeing as Utd had already scored and the game was a boring 1-0, it was clear that City F***ed up! BIG STYLE! Then came a gift from the heavens! Or in this case hell! Joey Barton! A name im sure that will be on everyone's lips for the next week or so! The loony kicked off in typical Barton fashion and got himself sent off! More importantly wasted 5 minuets! more on that later! Well to cut a long second half short, city scored at the start of the extra 5 minuets! and then... like a touch of an angel Aguero got slipped through and thundered his shot past the mediocre, at the best of times, Paddy Kenny! Now this was sweet to see Man city win, but what made it sweeter was the fact that at that precise moment is that i was messaging one of my friends who was watching the Utd game, he messaged me saying the utd game had finished and he couldn't watch the city game, and at that point the 2nd city goal went in! He got nervous, QUICKLY! After rubbing in the fact city were now level, the god that is Aguero scored the 3rd! I may of also messaged him saying that 'Aguero is a god'.... he never replied... i think i upset him... but i was just glad utd didn't win! :D

So that was my weekend feeling quite blue indeed! I shall leave you feeling quite comfortable, not because i just had a roast dinner and a nice cider, but because after seeing most of my fantasy F1 team fall by the road side today, just checking the table i have noticed that im still 5 points clear at the top of the Dillon Racing league! LGDRacing for the title! ;)

ta ta folks!

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