Wednesday, 27 June 2012

(8) SCHOOLS OUT.....FOREVER!!!! (8)

hey all!

well i would like to say i haven't blogged in log time due to the fact i've been busy. But i haven't... at all!
Today was my last OFFICIAL day of school. Wednesday 27th June 2012, the day Lawrence Dillon i released from the confines of school and into the real world! so as "Days like these" by The Cat Empire plays, this is my best attempt at a tribute to, what i see as, a end of an era!

Good Memories:

- Ollie Harvey catching a bit of orange in his mouth which was flung at him
- Meeting Ollie harvey (maybe)  
- Making new friends which will always be my mates
- The good laughs our group had whilst sitting outside on the field for lunch
- The good laughs our group had whilst sitting inside the hall for lunch
- Ben Duff LAUNCHING himself across the table to retrieve his lunch box of Ollie Harvey
- ALL of the Year 9 lessons with Matt, Dan, Ollie, Sam, Hannah and Rachel
- DRAMA with all of the above
- Dan telling the music teacher he couldn't read...
- Dan moving James Brooks chair before he sits down so he falls on the floor, then gets up calls Ollie and "penis" and then Ollie gets in trouble for it!
- Dan and Ollie getting kicked out of ICT for stabbing Matt with a compass....
- Playing frisbee on the field with the gang
- The MANY "jiggle off's"
- Ryan Baker's Forehead
- Ollie Harvey and Oscar Borton fighting... SO MANY TIMES!
- Messing around with Anabel Dean (sandwoman)
- The more recent endless games of "shit head", "irish snap" and "Rummy"
- The endless amounts of different relationships... for everybody! 
- The inevitable break ups to follow... 
- The begging for brownies 
- The begging for cookie... 
- piggy back races 
- Ollie having to go and sit on his own to eat his lunch by the dinner lady 
- Iain Reid's eyebrows 
- English lessons with Ollie, poems and non poems! 
- Mrs MacDonald standing on a table with a broom, convinced it was a Lee Enfield Rifle (mad old woman from devon)
- "Bum chinemy
- "Dobby" - the original! 
- Elliot getting "Rapetastic" into a exam answer... 
- Science lessons, EVERY YEAR 
- Media
- "Ken Dubbs" and his antics
- The creation of the names "Ken Dubbs", "Drage against the machine", "Hinchie Stryder", "Pussy cat knowles" and "Rammskine"  
- Art with Iain Reid and Ryan Parsons
- Art with Dan
- the over use of the word "Folk"
- Attempting to swap a table from shades with a table in the LRC...
- Mr Wallace
- Taking the piss out of Mr Tanner... constantly!
- The successful and unsuccessful attempts at "door stepping" people
- Jammy S, what ever escapade he undertook was always funny!
- German lessons!

Bad memories:

- it all ending.

will blog again soon!

ta ta

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Where have you gone Joe Demaggio

Hey all! 

Its been a long time i know, but whether you believe it or not ive been revising! Today i had my last exam!!!! Yesterday i had my first exam and today i had my last exam, yes there was only two! I think i definitely picked the right subjects! :D So basically ive been revising for these two exams, my ICT exam was the one i was really worried about so i did a lot of revision leading up to it, but hopefully my methods of staying calm and relaxing before my exams helped! I personally believe it did the world of good as i didn't have any major pre-exam nerves because i was relaxed and i felt my exam benefited from me more relaxed :D My Product design exam however i didn't do much revision as i feel i know a lot about this topic and the stuff ive been taught has really sunk in. this was evident when it came to the exam as i knew exactly what to write about what! Which is pretty handy when you in a exam! I am however so glad that i am a car fanatic, and more importantly watch the Formula 1, this gave me the knowledge to cover two of the three questions i had to answer and the third question we learnt to answer in class which was rather handy! So there is is.. my last memories of school life and a end of an era... GOODBYE CHS! 

Now, what am i going to do? Well im going to relax and chill out for a bit, pick up a few extra shifts at work and build up a nice little pay check each month :D hopefully build up enough to buy a car, or at least past my test first! talking about the future i will hopefully have a ticket to see Nightwish at the o2 academy with my mate Luke! GOOD TIMES!!! ALSO by next week i should have my new phone, a blackberry curve 9320, the main reason is that i want a phone on contract with unlimited texts, it just happens to be free on the contract i want to therefore im getting a new phone :D Also a brand spanking new set of 'hoops' for Gerogina! pictures will be uploaded when they arrive! She is going to look so sweet, i just hope im not diabetic! Don't forget in the future im going on the Grand Lad Tour De Europe! So the futures looking bright so far! :D 

oh and ive grown a slight beard....XD

i will update soon enough :D but until then 

ta ta 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

on todays menu...

hey all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the best 4 day weekend ever! On this marvelous occasion, which the jubilee weekend i have had to work all 4 days... so instead of, like most of my friends or at least most of facebook, getting absolutely wasted! or visiting Bournemouth 7's which to be frankly honest i have no idea what the hell is...

On this Tuesday, i am a little sick of the british lifestyle, only a little though. after seeing a large quantity of crumpets, english muffins and other selected baked goods pass through the till not to mentions a large amount of tea bags... so today i have decided to dine American! NO that doesn't mean i will eat the same food but in much larger quantities! Today's menu consists of pancakes for breakfast, Southern fried Chicken for lunch and a hamburger and fries for dinner! Real classy i know! Especially considering that it wont be long before im back eating traditional english food like pizza...

Having been working for most of this weekend had meant ive not had much time to socialize, when im not working im sleeping, or in todays case cooking... i can't wait until tomorrow as i dont have too work! YAY!!!! But considering im meant to be revising for my two exams next week AGAIN i dont htink i will be socializing much more... It also means that i haven't spent much time watching the Queen... the closest i come is having Bohemian Rhapsody played on cooperative radio...

no having spent most most of this morning making pancakes is nearly lunch, although im thinking i will wait till much later for my southern friend chicken..

on a final note the mighty Poole Pirates are still unbeaten this season... 15-0 not bad at all! Untouchable?! just ask Darcy Ward! ;)

ta ta for now!