Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Where have you gone Joe Demaggio

Hey all! 

Its been a long time i know, but whether you believe it or not ive been revising! Today i had my last exam!!!! Yesterday i had my first exam and today i had my last exam, yes there was only two! I think i definitely picked the right subjects! :D So basically ive been revising for these two exams, my ICT exam was the one i was really worried about so i did a lot of revision leading up to it, but hopefully my methods of staying calm and relaxing before my exams helped! I personally believe it did the world of good as i didn't have any major pre-exam nerves because i was relaxed and i felt my exam benefited from me more relaxed :D My Product design exam however i didn't do much revision as i feel i know a lot about this topic and the stuff ive been taught has really sunk in. this was evident when it came to the exam as i knew exactly what to write about what! Which is pretty handy when you in a exam! I am however so glad that i am a car fanatic, and more importantly watch the Formula 1, this gave me the knowledge to cover two of the three questions i had to answer and the third question we learnt to answer in class which was rather handy! So there is is.. my last memories of school life and a end of an era... GOODBYE CHS! 

Now, what am i going to do? Well im going to relax and chill out for a bit, pick up a few extra shifts at work and build up a nice little pay check each month :D hopefully build up enough to buy a car, or at least past my test first! talking about the future i will hopefully have a ticket to see Nightwish at the o2 academy with my mate Luke! GOOD TIMES!!! ALSO by next week i should have my new phone, a blackberry curve 9320, the main reason is that i want a phone on contract with unlimited texts, it just happens to be free on the contract i want to therefore im getting a new phone :D Also a brand spanking new set of 'hoops' for Gerogina! pictures will be uploaded when they arrive! She is going to look so sweet, i just hope im not diabetic! Don't forget in the future im going on the Grand Lad Tour De Europe! So the futures looking bright so far! :D 

oh and ive grown a slight beard....XD

i will update soon enough :D but until then 

ta ta 

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