Saturday, 28 April 2012


Hey all!

Your probably trying to figure out about the title. Well my good friend Ollie Harvey should get this! this was the the end result of my friends and I planning a trip to Amsterdam! Now, everyone decides its a good idea to go to Amsterdam one time or another, its just when you decide it and why you decide it! For us its the finishing point of the "Man Point Challenge", a series of incredibly stupid tasks that credit you with "Man Points". Well, to make things a little more interesting, their is going to be 8 of us split into 2 teams. Team 1 is "Team Trampy" and the other is "Team Pasty", both teams are captained by my good friends Elliot and Matt. Matt i have mentioned before and he heads up "Team Pasty". I am on "Team Trampy" and somehow have to manage to survive the challenges and drive the van! BY now you can guess what the title is about now, the van i have chosen to take these "Hooligans" into Europe is a Mercedes Sprinter, just with 9 seats inside. Now, anybody who has been reading this carefully should be wondering why i am putting 9 seats in the van when 8 people are going... OK WHO HONESTLY THOUGHT THAT?!... Anyway, the last remaining seat is for the camera man Aaron! Who doesn't know it yet but is in for a big shock at some of the tasks! I think Matt's planning to make a jackass style video from the end footage and sell it on, which in that case i will take a share of the profits gladly :D However this trip didn't always be the man point challenge, it was going to be a race, we were going to have separate cars and the first one to Amsterdam is the winner! But very few people wanted to do that, so Ollie suggested another sort of race which was drive to Amsterdam in the sprinter, set fire to it, then race home anyway you can and its first one back home wins! i hope that clears up the title! :)

In other news, i have handed in my final Media Coursework, my final Product Design Coursework and last week my ICT coursework. This means than from now on i only have 2 lessons because i have already done my media exam, and the last few lesson leading up to my exams are exam preparation. so if i haven't  got a exam to prepare for then whats the point turning up to the lesson? Well that's what my media teachers probably thought! They covered it up with "If you don't come to our lessons you can spend more time revising for your other subjects" which is a very fair point! However, i feel that giving us  more free's isn't going to make us more productive when it comes to revising, and instead make more inclined to play cards or just sit around chatting....

Wednesday night saw the first ever "LADS night out" for our group of friends! We went bowling and then had KFC, or Burger King for some. Due to the lack of "Lads" available we ere blessed with the company of "Honorary Ladette" Emili. Our Trip to Bowlplex i felt was a success, we got 3 games for £6.99 which is a bargain! However, the KFC i felt wasn't a success, lets just say it didn't agree with me... During the Lads night out we received some terrible news which made our mate Luke 'Sunny T' Tyson very upset and in fact i could sympathies with him because i knew exactly the situation Luke was in from my own experiences. Luckily we were going bowling and not paint balling as i could see Luke was letting out his emotions whilst bowling! Man he can bowl fast!!! You, again, a probably wondering about the nick name 'Sunny T'... Well, its a very simple story....Well its not but bare with me... Luke, Elliot and Ollie went to Bournemouth before bowling to get a certain lad, who has been mentioned before, birthday present and decided to stop in Shakeaway! Now i knew Ollie was up for some stupid stuff, that is why he is going on the Man point challenge, but he decided that it was a good idea to drink a "Wicked Wendy" which consists of pickled beetroot, liquorice and ambrosia custard. Now completing this challenge he got a free Shakeaway! But the remains of the milkshake apparently looked disgusting, i was throwing up at the thought of it! But he got he free shakeaway and got to pick our bowling names! not a good idea... I got the name of "Cock Ake" because its a a abbreviation of "Coffee and Coconut Cake Productions" my YouTube name! Matt was "Patio" and i quote "cos it rhymes with mattio" thank you Harry Vivian for an insight into the British language... Elliot became "Smelliot" original i know. Ollie was "Mr Burns" and Emili was "Mrs Burns" i guess ollie was feeling lucky... and of course Luke was "Sunny T".

At this time in my life i thank the lord i have great mates! Simply because i feel extremely lonely with out a girlfriend and as it looks i am destined for this doom for a long time to come. Being able to hang out with mates and have a good laugh makes you feel that much better! So thanks guys! i hope some day i can help you out in the same way, but i am not getting you out of trouble with a hooker in Amsterdam, your on your own with that shit! :L

Today sees, the rightful return to top quality football for the might Saints! we have to win or draw this game to ensure the return to the big time! We SHOULD have gone up as champions but second place will do! i don want the agony of the play offs! We spent the whole season in the top 2 of the league and i think we deserve to go up! I will am currently watching the build up more nervous than a small child in a room full of catholic priests! 90 minuets time i will be partying! I will wear the red and white stripes with pride today! COYR!!!!!!!! (8) OH WHEN THE SAINTS....(8)

Ta ta for now!  

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hey all!

Well as the title suggests i have had practically all my coursework deadlines all at once! Not a great way too start a blog post, but its what I've been focused on recently and the main reason i haven't blogged in a while. yesterday was meant to be the deadline for all three of my coursework pieces for all of my subjects. I am lucky really, as i have been allowed extensions to two of my deadlines, which you would think i would of been pleased about! But after staying up to 5:30 in the morning to complete your media coursework, i was slightly pissed that i could of had this weekend to finish it, now i am slightly happy about this because i wasn't happy with the overall quality of my finished product and this weekend allows me to make required changes. My other extended deadline was in product design, mainly because the finishing touches i need to make i need my teachers help and she is moderating GCSE coursework. but will definitely need to be handed in next week though! Hopefully it will! My one deadline i did have to meet  yesterday i did, which is another load of my mind!
Now, not else has been going on in my life apart from my mass of school work. Since coming back from France I've been in a bit of daze, all I've wanted to do is go back to France. Everything that happened in France was great, i was relaxed and chilled out, i didn't have to do anything i could do what ever i wanted. Since I've been back reality hit home, I've been to work monday, tuesday and yesterday and at school every day this week and when i haven't been doing this I've had other work to do, so no time at all to chill out! WHICH SUCKS SO MUCH!

Recently, i have felt this horrible unloved feeling. Now, i have to clarify this situation. Recently my mates have been great a have really cheered me up when i have felt down, which is nice because it does make me feel loves. Also my family have made me feel loved, and i doubt they will ever make me feel unloved. However, i have always had this kind of love around me and its always been great! But there is always that feeling you have, that little feeling in the pit of your stomach, that one person who makes you feel like they love you more than everyone else put together! That Special person who means so much to you! when that person is missing you always have this unloved feeling, no matter who is around you, no matter what situation!

My final thoughts for this week, are with Georgina. She is my latest thing! Best way to describe her? Slim, sexy and up for a laugh! she is SO beautiful! And even looks great for her age! She is fantastic and i hope she never leaves me because i can feel that we are going to have some great times together in the future and i cant wait!!! So no matter what i should have this feeling of being loved! Well as much as you can form a bike! Yes, Georgina is my new trials bike! She is a GU and recently received a set of forks, a set of wheels, a stem, handlebars, a new headset and a new set of grips! So she has been tarted up a bit over the past few weeks! All i need to get for her now is a set of cranks and a new chainring and she is ready to ride! Lets hope she is as good to ride as she looks!!!!

For now however, i must go to work!

ta ta for now

Sunday, 15 April 2012

and im BACK!

hey guys!

1480 miles later and im back! here in, well i was going to say sunny England, but just England will do! For anyone who cares last night i got home at half two in the morning, but it came with a slight bit of good news... the McDonalds at Ferndown has a 24hr drive through! RESULT!

Anyway, my holiday. It had its highlights and serious lows! Lets stick with the highlights for now! Well the first bit of good news is that my Saints shirt turned up before we left, however what my dad did was pack it before i got home and pretend it never turned up! So imagine my joy/relief when we got their and a royal mail package was chucked at me! The even better news is that it fits me! Speaking of things not turning up, im STILL waiting for my Ferrari brochure to come through the post! A whole month after i ordered it! It would of been easier for me to pick one up in the Ferrari dealership in Monaco! As you might of guessed i went to Monaco, it is an unbelievable place! I want to live there! everything is so glamorous! Sun, Sea and the finest selection of supercars on the planet! IT WAS HEAVEN!!!!! at this point i would like to add that whilst we were in Monaco, it was cloudy all day and then it rained... BUT I STILL WORE MY SUNGLASSES!!!!! Oh yeah, these sunglasses! Six years ago i went to Decathlon (french shop) for the first time, and saw these sunglasses which i loved and have wanted ever since. Well, i have a job now! so i bought them! AND I LOVE THEM!!!! I wore them everyday, even on days it rained! which is tad bit weird but completely justified! :D Another great place on the south coast of France is St. Tropez, a small port town which has been glamorized and become a fantastic place to go! Luckily, unlike Monaco, it was sunny all day! So i wore my new Saints shirt and my sunglasses with pride! Walking around the harbor at St. Tropez gives you a great chance to pick out any future boat you wish to purchase! Pretty handy when your going to become a future millionaire and this sort of thing is important to you! However, there was NO Sunseeker's there... NOW i must explain, the only reason im buying a Sunseeker is because im supporting my local economy, because Sunseekers are built in Poole! :D But hey ho life goes on, i have however, decided that i will keep my boat just outside of St. Tropez harbor encase i ever needed to go there... and get an ice cream... or i could just pop across the med to Frejus, ONE of my all time greatest places to go! Its such a picturesque place to go! The buildings, twinned with the boats and the sun make this place simply breath taking! I WILL LIVE THEIR!!!!! Also on that day i wore my Saints shirt again, because i paid for it i want to get the most from it, and this Italian guy came up to me and told me that three days ago he was in St. Mary's (for those who don't know its the home of football!) during a tour of the south coast of England! Which was a little bit freaky, but still super cool! Shame he wasn't from Modena (for those who don't know its the home of Ferrari!) so he could give me my Ferrari brochure! :@ DONT WORRY GUYS I HAVE A TICKET FOR THE PAST THREE WEEKS AND IM GOING TO CHECK IT LATER!!!!!! and if i win?! I will be describing the south of France a little bit more clearly form the back of my Sunseeker yacht! ;) Other great events from my holiday include discovering the drink "Desperado" which is Mexican influenced beer with tequila, brewed in France..... Which is the best drink to sip out side the bar, enjoying the sun and looking over one of the millions of swimming pools at the place we were staying! (another footnote i should add is that being 18 means you do spend a good 75% of your time at the bar just saying) Other great news is that i managed to drag myself away from the bar for 5 minutes to improve my media essay and complete a good chunk of product design coursework! Oh and i managed to film for my media as well!

Now i get onto the lows, and you might of guessed whats about to come... (Guess here)... yup you probably got it..... Saints aint top of the league.... no that's not a real low at all, because i know were going to win the last three games of the season and reading are going to loose the last three games of the season! No the real low is that for two weeks i imagined, fantasized, yearned, wanted and needed her. And being reminded 24/7 about her by a certain someone who will remain anonymous for the sake of blog, really didn't help! It really did ruin my holiday! As soon as i felt a little better something would happen that would put me straight back into that mood again! On some days i didn't even want to get out of bed, but my dad reminded me (forced me) to get out of bed! Also a 3ft hurricane that won't remain anonymous, simply because he is so loud, wouldn't let me sleep either! Bursting into my bedroom shouting things like "Lawrence OUT!" or the other popular one was "Lawrence, James, SCHOOL!" But, you gotta love him! Well i have to he is my nephew, you guys don't.... on the subject of my nephew Alexander, who by the way is two now, we have managed to teach him things like "Kiss the badge" which means he will hunt for a saints shirt and kiss the badge! Another party trick he has, which will certainly impress his uncle Chris, is his ability to sing the whole chorus of Rammsteins "Du hast" which on the 740 mile trip on the way back made me and my sister chuckle quite a bit! the other being "Woo Woo Chick Chick!" but i will leave that for another day....

Here is some thing to make you chuckle! Each holiday there is a band or song which gets played far to often on holiday and gets know as the "Holiday anthem". To recap a few, the first time i went to Spain in 2003, Iron Maiden's "Rock in Rio" CD was the Holiday anthem, and two years later AGAIN on the south coast of France Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits was the holiday anthem. This year? well its got to either be Steel Panthers "Asian Hooker" or "Thar she blows" i will let you YouTube them!

so i think i've bored you enough for one day