Monday, 6 August 2012

work, cycling, work, sleep, work and pub :D

Hey all,

Its been a while, and i'm sorry for that! i have been working a lot recently, when i say a lot last week i only had one day off for the whole week! Thursday is my pub/club night from now on, as its the only day off i have! :( That is however until next week when i go back to having wednesday and thursday off. Its like my little weekend in the middle of the week. The one problem with going out on thursdays is that i have work at 2 on friday, which means i have to wake up and avoid the hangover, which between us is never as bad as everyone says! this means one of two things, 1) Im not drinking enough 2) Im somehow doing it wrong... but yeah i have to avoid getting a hangover because working 2 -10 the next day would be killer with a hangover! So yeah been out for a couple of nights for mates birthdays and for funzies! and have enjoyed every minute! :D

In other news i have been shaved... yes its a sad time i know :( I grew my beard after my ex split up with me because she never let me have a beard and i wanted one, and after she dumped me i thought fcuk it im having one! And the best bit was nobody could tell me to shave it off! (except my manager at work as it turns out) i had a deep attraction to my beard, i mean we did everything together! We went out together, ate together worked together and slept together! So it feels very strange not having one! not only did my beard go but my hair got cut as well, so its a double whammy :( However my complaining shadows the fact it was done for a good cause, i was being sponsored for the 'trim' and all the proceeds went to Julia's House a local children's hospice! i mean it couldn't of gone to me i got a free hair cut out of it! but as it stands i raised over £400 which for shave and a haircut i think is pretty damn impressive! My time at the co-op has seen me go through different era's with my appearance the first was the 60's Beatles cut and clean shaven, the next one was the 70's Bee Gee's look, with a mop of hair and a beard, now i am a 80's pop star a bit like the lead singer of A-ha... big difference ay?! Well my hair was fluffy and mop like and to be cut right back didn't feel right, i mean it felt almost....NORMAL! i couldn't of stand for that, so i decided to grab a hand full of styling wax and get to work on my new style (well the style im putting up with until my mop grows back)

this is me before

this is me after

i know i look sad right, wouldn't you after you just lost half you hair and your beard?! :'( 

oh i almost forgot! i was going to tell you what riding my new roadie bike was like! Well me and Chloe Rose went out for a little spin and we ended up cycling to Boscombe pier! which after i had done it and worked out the miles turned out to be 30 odd miles! not bad :D The best bit was that the Chloe Rose performed flawlessly the whole time! Not even a skip of the gears which made cycling there and back a delight! i have to admit though the road cycling stance is very uncomfortable! and with out suspension the ride is often bumpy and uncomfortable! so yeah with out further a do my route!


Corfe Mullen - Boscombe Pier - Corfe Mullen

so yeah not bad day out! i think i might go out on Georgina the brakeless Trails bike for a bit today! i have made a few changes to the set up and looking forward to testing the end results! its nice having morning's off from work as you dont have to wake up for anything and you get the morning sun :) and a bit of the afternoon but not much..

so till next time,

ta ta

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Le Tour de Fitness...

Hey all

I know it's been a long time since i blogged last, so i thought i'd better blog! Mainly to ensure my 2 followers that i'm still alive :) So what have i been doing instead of blogging? Well mainly working, being out on my bike, fixing bikes or watching bike related stuff.

 For the past week its been Crankworks Les Deux Alps, basically the worlds biggest mountain biking festival Crankworks has spread across from Canada to france for a week. The second Crankworks is mainly aimed at the European mountain bikers who can't get to the mecca of mountain biking which is Whistler Canada. The other more popular cycling event taking part in France this month is the Tour de France. Finally the Brits have a reason to watch this spectacular portable circus with two Brits fighting for top honors, the highly coveted Yellow Jersey. At the moment Bradley Wiggins is holding on to the Yellow Jersey, and barring no major incidents is set to win the tour. The reason i say this is that the second place rider, Chris Froome is riding on the same team, Team Sky. Team Sky have been the dominant force this year and look set to make Wiggins the first English rider to win the tour. however if Wiggins does have an upset and losses the Yellow Jersey, the second place rider Froome is also English, so this year the the Brits have a strong hold on the tour! Which is good news considering road cycling is an Olympic sport and at the moment the three top road cyclists are British! "Three? but Lawrence you have only mentioned two..." i hear you cry! Well the third man is the current world cycling world champion Mark Cavendish, last years sports personality of the year! Cavendish has had a rather disappointing tour so far, after his stage win on stage two Cavendish has been a rather ghost of his last years self, where he was a driving force in the race for the sprint title and won the Green Jersey. Whilst this is very worrying news one of the greatest British cyclists of all time is having a bad run in to the to the Olympics. But he has a injury sustained from a fall on a stage and is resting for the Olympics, which is good news :D and whilst talking about the Olympic team currently 4 out of 5 of the British cycling team have won a stage of the tour, which i see as a good sign :D

Now, i've seen many people catching Tour de France fever and the amount of Road Cyclists has definitely doubled this week! I also have caught Tour fever and wanted to get out and crank some miles on a road bike. Unfortunately for me, i don't own a road bike... however i know some one who does :D However,  it was in a bit of a rough state... queue before photo...

so i decided to rebuild it, and return it to its former glory :) it needed practically needed a new rear end, i had to rebuild the rear wheel, replace the gear cable and the jockey wheels, got a new chain and fitted it, set up the saddle so it suits me and fit some new pedals. today i bought some new brake blocks and brake cables to make sure stopping ain't a problem :D  queue after photo... 

I'm thinking i might re spray it and make it look a bit less tired... but it is in one piece XD

My final plans for it are after my ride tomorrow, to make sure everything works, are to use it to improve my fitness :D get rid of my beer belly, or as my older brother pointed out my "success ballast" like in the touring cars :D I simply pointed out that i have a six pack but I prefer to protect it with a layer of fat... so i thought it was about time i got rid of the layer of fat... its just a matter of time...

Anyway i shall get out tomorrow in my new roadie frame of mind and let you know how the bike works :)

ta ta for now  

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

she lives!

Hey all!

It's been a hectic couple of days for me, starting work full time has meant that i haven't had much time to do, well anything! But avoiding the topic of full time employment for a minute the best thing has happened in a very long time to me! Georgina's wheels have turned up! in all there glory! After a quick strip down and clean up they where on her! BY GOD THEY LOOK GOOD!!!!! Also i should mention i have been out for a quick ride on them and they feel even better than they look :D so i decided i would include a few snaps for you lucky guys to look at! :L enjoy!

here's the front wheel, Its a Trialtech Sport disc hub in white on a Echo TR Rim in turquoise although its more metallic blue if you ask me! laced with SAPIM spokes :D

Here is the rear wheel, again its a Trialtech sport hub in white but its a non disc hub. The rim again is a Echo TR in turquoise, all laced with SAPIM spokes by the wonderful people at


so here is a few shots of Georgina before the new rims...


Like i said before i stripped her down, back to bare frame, i had to do it inside as the Great British summer has taken over this week!

i stripped the wheels down, took the tires of the rims and put them and the inner tubes back onto the new wheels, don't the already look amazing?!

so here she is! Georgina the final edition WOW!

Also got to fit my new 4Jeri chain tensioner 

Amazing Trialtech front hub, which looks sick!

The front end looks sick! The Maxxis High Rollers looks much bigger than they did on the old wheels

The same goes for the back wheel! FAT TIRE XD

I like to think the Blue rims suit the the silver frame! 

The white hubs match the white bars and grips and tie the whole colour scheme of the bike together a treat!

My white Funn Fatboy handlebars mated with a sweet B'Twin comp stem looks the dogs!

My new favorite grips of all time! My Sunline V1 Loc-ons :) 

so here is the final spec of my beast (to the best of my ability)

Frame: GU Typhoon 26" (silver)
Forks: Alpinestars
Stem: B'Twin Comp
Handle Bars: Funn Fatboy (white)
Headset: Tioga 
Bottom Bracket: Trialtech ISIS 
Cranks: Truative Blaze (black) 
Pedals: Wellgo V8 (white)
Front rim: Echo TR (turquoise) 
Front hub: Trialtech Sport Disc (white) 
Rear Rim: Echo TR (turquoise) 
Rear Hub: Trialtech Sport non-disc (white)
Spokes: SAPIM race (silver) 
Tensioner: 4Jeri 

so there you go folks my latest and greatest bit of news! 

oh and on a serious note a bike was stolen today at poole train station, it was locked up and the thieving bastards cut through my lock and took the bike! the bike in question is a Specialized XC comp, the only noticeable feature is the bright orange DMR V8 pedals! oh and the fact i have the saddle here at home, so if you see some dick riding around on this Specialized notify the police as it had been reported stolen! some people ay?! 

any way hate to end it on a sour note! 
will blog again soon! 
Ta ta

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

(8) SCHOOLS OUT.....FOREVER!!!! (8)

hey all!

well i would like to say i haven't blogged in log time due to the fact i've been busy. But i haven't... at all!
Today was my last OFFICIAL day of school. Wednesday 27th June 2012, the day Lawrence Dillon i released from the confines of school and into the real world! so as "Days like these" by The Cat Empire plays, this is my best attempt at a tribute to, what i see as, a end of an era!

Good Memories:

- Ollie Harvey catching a bit of orange in his mouth which was flung at him
- Meeting Ollie harvey (maybe)  
- Making new friends which will always be my mates
- The good laughs our group had whilst sitting outside on the field for lunch
- The good laughs our group had whilst sitting inside the hall for lunch
- Ben Duff LAUNCHING himself across the table to retrieve his lunch box of Ollie Harvey
- ALL of the Year 9 lessons with Matt, Dan, Ollie, Sam, Hannah and Rachel
- DRAMA with all of the above
- Dan telling the music teacher he couldn't read...
- Dan moving James Brooks chair before he sits down so he falls on the floor, then gets up calls Ollie and "penis" and then Ollie gets in trouble for it!
- Dan and Ollie getting kicked out of ICT for stabbing Matt with a compass....
- Playing frisbee on the field with the gang
- The MANY "jiggle off's"
- Ryan Baker's Forehead
- Ollie Harvey and Oscar Borton fighting... SO MANY TIMES!
- Messing around with Anabel Dean (sandwoman)
- The more recent endless games of "shit head", "irish snap" and "Rummy"
- The endless amounts of different relationships... for everybody! 
- The inevitable break ups to follow... 
- The begging for brownies 
- The begging for cookie... 
- piggy back races 
- Ollie having to go and sit on his own to eat his lunch by the dinner lady 
- Iain Reid's eyebrows 
- English lessons with Ollie, poems and non poems! 
- Mrs MacDonald standing on a table with a broom, convinced it was a Lee Enfield Rifle (mad old woman from devon)
- "Bum chinemy
- "Dobby" - the original! 
- Elliot getting "Rapetastic" into a exam answer... 
- Science lessons, EVERY YEAR 
- Media
- "Ken Dubbs" and his antics
- The creation of the names "Ken Dubbs", "Drage against the machine", "Hinchie Stryder", "Pussy cat knowles" and "Rammskine"  
- Art with Iain Reid and Ryan Parsons
- Art with Dan
- the over use of the word "Folk"
- Attempting to swap a table from shades with a table in the LRC...
- Mr Wallace
- Taking the piss out of Mr Tanner... constantly!
- The successful and unsuccessful attempts at "door stepping" people
- Jammy S, what ever escapade he undertook was always funny!
- German lessons!

Bad memories:

- it all ending.

will blog again soon!

ta ta

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Where have you gone Joe Demaggio

Hey all! 

Its been a long time i know, but whether you believe it or not ive been revising! Today i had my last exam!!!! Yesterday i had my first exam and today i had my last exam, yes there was only two! I think i definitely picked the right subjects! :D So basically ive been revising for these two exams, my ICT exam was the one i was really worried about so i did a lot of revision leading up to it, but hopefully my methods of staying calm and relaxing before my exams helped! I personally believe it did the world of good as i didn't have any major pre-exam nerves because i was relaxed and i felt my exam benefited from me more relaxed :D My Product design exam however i didn't do much revision as i feel i know a lot about this topic and the stuff ive been taught has really sunk in. this was evident when it came to the exam as i knew exactly what to write about what! Which is pretty handy when you in a exam! I am however so glad that i am a car fanatic, and more importantly watch the Formula 1, this gave me the knowledge to cover two of the three questions i had to answer and the third question we learnt to answer in class which was rather handy! So there is is.. my last memories of school life and a end of an era... GOODBYE CHS! 

Now, what am i going to do? Well im going to relax and chill out for a bit, pick up a few extra shifts at work and build up a nice little pay check each month :D hopefully build up enough to buy a car, or at least past my test first! talking about the future i will hopefully have a ticket to see Nightwish at the o2 academy with my mate Luke! GOOD TIMES!!! ALSO by next week i should have my new phone, a blackberry curve 9320, the main reason is that i want a phone on contract with unlimited texts, it just happens to be free on the contract i want to therefore im getting a new phone :D Also a brand spanking new set of 'hoops' for Gerogina! pictures will be uploaded when they arrive! She is going to look so sweet, i just hope im not diabetic! Don't forget in the future im going on the Grand Lad Tour De Europe! So the futures looking bright so far! :D 

oh and ive grown a slight beard....XD

i will update soon enough :D but until then 

ta ta 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

on todays menu...

hey all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the best 4 day weekend ever! On this marvelous occasion, which the jubilee weekend i have had to work all 4 days... so instead of, like most of my friends or at least most of facebook, getting absolutely wasted! or visiting Bournemouth 7's which to be frankly honest i have no idea what the hell is...

On this Tuesday, i am a little sick of the british lifestyle, only a little though. after seeing a large quantity of crumpets, english muffins and other selected baked goods pass through the till not to mentions a large amount of tea bags... so today i have decided to dine American! NO that doesn't mean i will eat the same food but in much larger quantities! Today's menu consists of pancakes for breakfast, Southern fried Chicken for lunch and a hamburger and fries for dinner! Real classy i know! Especially considering that it wont be long before im back eating traditional english food like pizza...

Having been working for most of this weekend had meant ive not had much time to socialize, when im not working im sleeping, or in todays case cooking... i can't wait until tomorrow as i dont have too work! YAY!!!! But considering im meant to be revising for my two exams next week AGAIN i dont htink i will be socializing much more... It also means that i haven't spent much time watching the Queen... the closest i come is having Bohemian Rhapsody played on cooperative radio...

no having spent most most of this morning making pancakes is nearly lunch, although im thinking i will wait till much later for my southern friend chicken..

on a final note the mighty Poole Pirates are still unbeaten this season... 15-0 not bad at all! Untouchable?! just ask Darcy Ward! ;)

ta ta for now!


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pirates VS Wolves VS Twitter VS Euros VS Georgina

Good evening all! :D

Well after this past few weeks events i believe a blog is in order! Last night saw the mighty Poole Pirates take on the Wolverhampton Wolves int he speedway Knock Out Cup. As a treat i decided to go! Its been a long time since i've been down Fortress Wimborne Rd! Thinking back, the last time i went there was pit bike racing... That was mainly because it was Dave Watt's testimonial, and i guess Dave Watt, Chris Holder and Darcy Ward got a bit bored... But i digress. Following the 'on form' Pirates, in the daily echo every week had me drooling at the though of watching Britian's top speedway team in action, and more importantly watching them chase the 13 match winning streak! However, the Pirates team news didn't fill me with hope... Missing a one rider can stretch a team at the best of times, but with out two key riders such as Dennis Andersson and Adrian Miedzinski who are firmly in the main body of the team surely we would struggle against a team like Wolves? Well as it goes the Wolves team are in the wars as well! Missing Tai Woffinden, thought to even the racing a little. Well that was until i remembered that the Wolves captain was non other than the HUGELY in form Freddie Lindgren! Fresh of his Grand Prix win he showed he was up for it in his first few heats making scorching starts and blowing the rest of them away! That was until he came up against one man... Darcy Ward! Now at this point i should mention i am a HUGE Turbo Twins(Chris Holder & Darcy Ward) fan! Simply because you never know what they are capable of on a race track, until they do it! And what ever it is its always spectacular! They are natural gifted racers and are destine for great things for sure! Now getting back to Mt. Olympus, where 'Fast Freddie' and Darcy went head to head after heat 6 in the 'Man on Man' race where the losing team can nominate any rider to take on and opposition chosen rider to gain an extra 3 points... well to say that Freddie was beaten is an understatement, after the third lap he gave up and went back go the pits because he was that far behind... To be honest if he kept going he was under threat of being lapped! And after that, he was a different rider, beatable is the word that comes to mind :D But to opt into the 'Man on Man' race meant that the loosing team had to be behind by 8 points or more... so to put it into perspective, Poole were shocking for the first 6 heats... except for the wins for Darcy and Todd Kurtz. Well its safe to say the racing from the Pirates seemed inspired by the Aussie's win in the 'Man on Man' as we clawed back the lead going into heat 14 we were 1 point behind Wolves. Que Todd Kurtz and Ricky Kling, Whos BIG old 5-1 in heat 14 put us 3 points to the good going into heat 15... Take a bow Kling and Kurtz! However, they were just a warm up, for the Turbo Twins... Heat 15 saw the an uncharacteristic start from the pairing which saw the Wolves rider Ty Proctor make the start and lead going into turns 1 & 2 and more surprisingly into turns 3 & 4! I was tempted to write that Ty lead for the whole of the first lap.. but i would be lying... Coming off turn 4 Darcy was leading going into the 2nd lap chasing his paid maximum! And it wasn't long before Chris holder joined Darcy at the front to round of the meeting in style! back to back 5-1's!!!! A good nights worth of entertainment! exciting right to the end :D OH AND AND CHRIS HOLDER WILL BE WORLD CHAMPION THIS YEAR!!! just saying....

Now after that night of speedway... life just doesn't seem so exciting...

Right Euro's 2012, after seeing Roy Hodgson appointed england manager over Harry Redknapp i didn't care much for the Euro's i'm predicting another disappointing campaign. But that's not why i'm excited about the euros... I was, Rightly, peer pressured into a euro's sweep stake with four other people. a £5 to get in and you get randomly picked 4 teams for the chance to win £20. Well i was skeptical, i was sure i was going to get the worst teams who qualified... luckily for me though i was drawn Greece, Germany, France and Netherlands... WIN!!!!!!!! Not wanting to sound cocky but i'm pretty sure that £20 would go to something purposeful for me, like a few drinks at the bar :D

In other football related betting schemes, i have made the bet with my friend Ollie, that Ricky Lambert will score more goals than Andy Carroll in the premier league next season. The prize?! Well the winner gets to put a picture on the lads european tour van of their chosen player and i'm sure Ricky would look great on the side! ;)

Other news is that i've given into modern society and joined Twitter, @LGDillon93 for those who are interested or wanna follow me! :D Its interesting viewing as i'm following the aforementioned 'Turbo Twins' and a lot of mountain bikers! All of which are interesting to follow!

last topic for today is Georgina. well she has developed a small creak on her front forks, this is worrying as it means i may need to buy a new set of forks when i buy my new wheels... THANK GOD FOR OVERTIME!!!!! I guess i'm going to see more of the co-op than i anticipated...

And for those who are interested, Poole Vs Peterborough tonight and the pirates look good to carry on there unbeaten streak! :D A touch of the Arsenal untouchables?! Quite possibly! :D

ta ta for now!