Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pirates VS Wolves VS Twitter VS Euros VS Georgina

Good evening all! :D

Well after this past few weeks events i believe a blog is in order! Last night saw the mighty Poole Pirates take on the Wolverhampton Wolves int he speedway Knock Out Cup. As a treat i decided to go! Its been a long time since i've been down Fortress Wimborne Rd! Thinking back, the last time i went there was pit bike racing... That was mainly because it was Dave Watt's testimonial, and i guess Dave Watt, Chris Holder and Darcy Ward got a bit bored... But i digress. Following the 'on form' Pirates, in the daily echo every week had me drooling at the though of watching Britian's top speedway team in action, and more importantly watching them chase the 13 match winning streak! However, the Pirates team news didn't fill me with hope... Missing a one rider can stretch a team at the best of times, but with out two key riders such as Dennis Andersson and Adrian Miedzinski who are firmly in the main body of the team surely we would struggle against a team like Wolves? Well as it goes the Wolves team are in the wars as well! Missing Tai Woffinden, thought to even the racing a little. Well that was until i remembered that the Wolves captain was non other than the HUGELY in form Freddie Lindgren! Fresh of his Grand Prix win he showed he was up for it in his first few heats making scorching starts and blowing the rest of them away! That was until he came up against one man... Darcy Ward! Now at this point i should mention i am a HUGE Turbo Twins(Chris Holder & Darcy Ward) fan! Simply because you never know what they are capable of on a race track, until they do it! And what ever it is its always spectacular! They are natural gifted racers and are destine for great things for sure! Now getting back to Mt. Olympus, where 'Fast Freddie' and Darcy went head to head after heat 6 in the 'Man on Man' race where the losing team can nominate any rider to take on and opposition chosen rider to gain an extra 3 points... well to say that Freddie was beaten is an understatement, after the third lap he gave up and went back go the pits because he was that far behind... To be honest if he kept going he was under threat of being lapped! And after that, he was a different rider, beatable is the word that comes to mind :D But to opt into the 'Man on Man' race meant that the loosing team had to be behind by 8 points or more... so to put it into perspective, Poole were shocking for the first 6 heats... except for the wins for Darcy and Todd Kurtz. Well its safe to say the racing from the Pirates seemed inspired by the Aussie's win in the 'Man on Man' as we clawed back the lead going into heat 14 we were 1 point behind Wolves. Que Todd Kurtz and Ricky Kling, Whos BIG old 5-1 in heat 14 put us 3 points to the good going into heat 15... Take a bow Kling and Kurtz! However, they were just a warm up, for the Turbo Twins... Heat 15 saw the an uncharacteristic start from the pairing which saw the Wolves rider Ty Proctor make the start and lead going into turns 1 & 2 and more surprisingly into turns 3 & 4! I was tempted to write that Ty lead for the whole of the first lap.. but i would be lying... Coming off turn 4 Darcy was leading going into the 2nd lap chasing his paid maximum! And it wasn't long before Chris holder joined Darcy at the front to round of the meeting in style! back to back 5-1's!!!! A good nights worth of entertainment! exciting right to the end :D OH AND AND CHRIS HOLDER WILL BE WORLD CHAMPION THIS YEAR!!! just saying....

Now after that night of speedway... life just doesn't seem so exciting...

Right Euro's 2012, after seeing Roy Hodgson appointed england manager over Harry Redknapp i didn't care much for the Euro's i'm predicting another disappointing campaign. But that's not why i'm excited about the euros... I was, Rightly, peer pressured into a euro's sweep stake with four other people. a £5 to get in and you get randomly picked 4 teams for the chance to win £20. Well i was skeptical, i was sure i was going to get the worst teams who qualified... luckily for me though i was drawn Greece, Germany, France and Netherlands... WIN!!!!!!!! Not wanting to sound cocky but i'm pretty sure that £20 would go to something purposeful for me, like a few drinks at the bar :D

In other football related betting schemes, i have made the bet with my friend Ollie, that Ricky Lambert will score more goals than Andy Carroll in the premier league next season. The prize?! Well the winner gets to put a picture on the lads european tour van of their chosen player and i'm sure Ricky would look great on the side! ;)

Other news is that i've given into modern society and joined Twitter, @LGDillon93 for those who are interested or wanna follow me! :D Its interesting viewing as i'm following the aforementioned 'Turbo Twins' and a lot of mountain bikers! All of which are interesting to follow!

last topic for today is Georgina. well she has developed a small creak on her front forks, this is worrying as it means i may need to buy a new set of forks when i buy my new wheels... THANK GOD FOR OVERTIME!!!!! I guess i'm going to see more of the co-op than i anticipated...

And for those who are interested, Poole Vs Peterborough tonight and the pirates look good to carry on there unbeaten streak! :D A touch of the Arsenal untouchables?! Quite possibly! :D

ta ta for now!


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