Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chris Holder and the Saints!

Hey all!

As you might of guessed this weeks post is a little bit about speedway, but for those who are not fans of the two wheel thunder, stay with it as it will change later! 

Well lets start this of then! This past weekend saw the European Speedway Grand Prix take place in Leszno Poland. Now, for any one who doesn't follow speedway in Poland the Polish riders are allowed to cheat in order to win! Now this has never been proven but its so blatant is unreal! It amazes me how the stewards have never caught them swapping bikes in order to get more power and speed! Anyway, the track had one real line, unless your polish, and if anyone left that line they ran the risk of loosing their position, not if you were polish, or ground on the pack they were chasing, again not if you were polish! So it more or less who ever made the start won the race, their was the odd overtake by someone who wasn't on 'dodgy' machinery. Now Chris Holder had been steady through the whole GP and scored a decent amount of points to make the semi's, and made it through to the final, he was joined in the final by Jaroslaw Hampel, Tomasz Gollob and Andreas Jonsson. As you can tell it was an all English final! JOKE! So yeah, two Poles in the final in Poland, i would of put my house, if i owned it, on a pole winning the GP! But no! Hampel and Gollob made a good start chased by Holder, Hampel and Gollob fought fiercely for the lead and whilst they were tripping up over each other, the lightning quick Aussie Holder slipped up the inside and snatched the win! NOW, i must admit that i am a huge Chris Holder fan! Not only because he is a Poole Pirates rider but because he has god the skill and talent to be the world champion one day and he is a exciting rider to watch and makes every heat that little bit more exciting! Especially with fellow Pirate Darcy Ward! The 'Turbo Twins' certainly know how to put on a show, but more on them later! it was great to see Holder win a a major GP and sort out his rough start to the GP season! However it wasn't just Holders Saturday night which was amazing, Monday night was pretty special as well! Monday, saw the Poole Pirates take on the Wolverhampton Wolves in the Elite league, and after a few eventful races it came down to a last heat decider! Both teams where level on points, and any heat advantage would ensure a win for that team. Now, this is where the 'Turbo Twins' come in, Chris Holder and Darcy Ward are two of the quickest and most talented riders in the elite league, and just happen to be good mates and race well together! Well when i say well, nobody can argue that these guys are not the best pair in the league! Also there seems to be some telepathic link between the pair to know exactly what each other is going to do! This therefore makes any heat 15 a automatic 5 - 1 Poole as these guys are pretty much unstoppable! this was case and point monday night, as only Holder made the start and was being chased down by Wolves legend Freddie Lindgren. but from nowhere the super quick Ward flew down the inside of Lindgren and stormed into second place and ensuring the big 5 - 1 too Poole! Super exciting speedway that lead me to jump up off my bed and dance i around the room for a little bit! ;) 

After that little inside into my speedway life, i will move onto something that also made me jump of my bed and dance around the room a little! That of course would be rightful return of Southampton F.C. to the Premiership! The mighty Saints won 4 - 0 on saturday to ensure the south coast had a party to attend that night! Much like me ;) In my last post i said how nervous i was about the game in question and the first 10 minuets really didn't help those nerves, but after the first goal and the second 2 minuets later i was feeling a little bit more comfortable! the 3rd and 4th in the second half just put the icing on the cake! It also set the St. Mary's party in full swing! I only wish i was their on the day! The atmosphere looked insane on the T.V! The success prompted me to wear my Saints shirt all weekend! With pride i might add! :D 

As i mentioned in the previous paragraph, i had a party to attend that night and it wasn't the Saints promotion party! My best bud Matt, who i have definitely mentioned before,  had his birthday party that night. With it being a saturday that meant i had to work in the evening which meant i turned up late. But luckily i hadn't missed all the fun, well only most of it! but i got to do the drinking! :D What i can remember of it was amazing, i wasn't drunk just that the party was on saturday and today is thursday and that's a lot of time! Its bad enough trying to remember what lessons you have each day! :S 

I wanted to blog monday night, simply through the excitement of the speedway! But i thought that i might be blogging too soon and miss some important event during the week! and also the fact i had to sort out my media coursework! As i thought i had finished with this subject, having to sort it out after work on a monday and it going on late into the evening was not fun considering the fact all i wanted to do was sleep! but i finished it and handed it in in yesterday, to my relief which means i only have two lessons to attend from now on which makes some days pointless coming into school. However, this means i have more time to chat with my friends about important events such as the Lads tour of Europe! As this is the only exciting event in the future i have planned, excluding the two weddings i have to attend this year of course! as we have finally planned a route to take, its only the small little bits to sort out now, that's if the guys who are departing for a year are still up for it once they have returned! For us who are not departing for a year, have a the privilege of kitting out are weapon of choice to tour Europe! A LWB High top Mercedes Sprinter! Basically the only vehicle that you can drive on a regular licence that's big enough to carry 9 Lads! As i have mentioned to my fellow lads, those who are staying will be master Ebay trawlers by the end of the year! As we are kitting it out on a budget!

What i have noticed recently is that i seemed to be a little bit more 'Chillaxed' i tend to do what i want when i want, with the freedom of having my own room means that i can do exactly that! There is no better feeling then being able to hang out in your room, drink a few brewski's, chat to my mates on my laptop and watch a bit of T.V! NOW THIS IS THE LIFE I ALWAYS WANT! But until those lucky number some up it ain't gonna happen! :( 

Now the bonus of me blogging now is that i don't feel the need to blog over the weekend which will be made up primarily of working and catching up on sleep! Saturday, for some reason, i agreed to cover 2 - 10 which i will never understand why i did! But my best guess is that it was because i need as much money as i can at the moment, with next month me needing to book and take my driving theory test! Exciting times ay?! the sooner i drive the better as i see it! more freedom! 

And with that thought i shall leave you 

Ta Ta! :D  

P.S for those who wanna see my media trailer here is a link

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