Saturday, 26 May 2012

whos says YOLO?!?!

hey all!

Im going to start today's blog with one my pet hates! YOLO, You Only Live Once. This is true you do... But the question i pose is, what have you actually done in your life which makes your life unique compared to anybody else's? Eating pizza for breakfast? Well i have done that today... What can you say YOU'VE done which many other people haven't? Me? well to be completely honest there isn't much i can say i have done which many people haven't!  

On the weekend when the Monte-Carlo Grand Prix its all glitz and glamour of this iconic place which makes me think where do i want to go with my life? Obviously i will never get the chance to live in Monaco,unless my lucky numbers came up last night, or race the iconic track. Well that last sentence, isn't so true the grand tour of Europe visits Monaco and im sure i will get to drive some of the track! :D hopefully! But what the grand european tour does for me is the chance to do something that very few people have done, which is get to tour around europe with 8 of your best mates knowing that your guaranteed a good time no matter what happens! hopefully though nothing bad should happen but that cannot be guaranteed when Ollie and Elliot are together.... 

Going back to my lucky numbers, last night i checked my ticket from tuesday, £11.40 :D i was well chuffed with that! Gotta hope that last nights draw was just as lucky for me! because £70 million would certainly help when it comes to getting all the necessary equipment to successfully tour around europe with the guys! The main factor being the vehicle were travelling in, followed by the petrol costs and then the toll road prices... this trip wont be cheap! However, considering the fact that we are splitting the costs between 9 people this trip doesn't seem so expensive! HONEST!

Now a moment im sure alot of you have been waiting for! this is the first picture im going to upload onto a blog post so if it doesn't work you will understand why!
 This is Georgina the GU, she is a Typhoon 26" trials frame and she looks stunning! :D
 the forks are from a Alpinestars bike from the 90's and the bike weighs pretty much nothing its so super light its unreal! Over the space of owning it the frame has had different parts added and replaced on it, the bonus is that its slowly getting lighter and lighter! :D soon she will weigh very little! she is my little super model :P
As i said earlier I've been busy replacing parts on her to get the right set up and to reduce weight! there are my new bars, grips and stem! i have to admit the white bars look SUPER hot! the grips where a poor decision considering that they are the easiest part to get messy! but still they do look hot! :D

The next step in Georgina's future is a new set of wheels and tires! the wheels are going to be custom built and will look even better on her! :D to afford these wheels i have been doing as much overtime at work because as I've found trials bike parts are not always the cheapest! :( However, this is a good case for the "YOLO" argument, because if you only live once, Georgina wouldn't be in my life! and i would have to buy a more expensive frame! i hope she enjoys her second lease of life! :D

but i will leave you with this thought, the weather is nice outside, the sun is shining and if your not having a BBQ today WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! MAKE THE MOST OF THE BRITISH SUMMER!!!!!!   AND REMEMBER THAT SOME OF US ARE WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ta ta! :D

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