Thursday, 29 March 2012

a day left....

Hey peeps!

Well i thought i better post one more time before i leave for france! So whats new in my world? Well for starters a double bed for my room! :D Not bad ay? However its not the most comfy bed in the entire world, but its something i'm going to have to get used too! Other new things include the new Within Temptation album AND the new Evanescence album! :D ULTRA WIN! I actually feel like my world is slowly upgrading to an adults world, i mean except for the fact i have a decent job and a car... apart from that though its pretty good! no complaints so far! :D

Well its thursday you know what that means... i'm gearing up for "BIG friday" (the euromillions) However some bastards have won the last few jackpots so at the moment its a tiny £12 million, now i have no beef with winning £12 million... Its just that the Sunseeker i have picked out is £11 million which doesn't exactly leave me with much to get a new house and a ferrari! :( I guess however the Sunseeker is the boat equivalent of a house... Considering it's 130ft long! It also has the capacity for 8 guests with 5 bedrooms, now by my calculations, that leaves enough beds for everyone in my family (NOT SECOND COUSINS THREE TIMES REMOVED....) However, it also leaves me a bit short for cash when it comes to hiring my monkey butler, Phillip. I guess i'm just going to have to hire the next best thing, his cousin Gordon the Gorilla! ;) Although, I hear he is easily tempted with payments in pasties of the Cornish persuasion! :D

This particular week at school has been hell! no other way to describe it! I've had to attempt to hand in three projects, which are not nearly enough finished, well one is, the other two need serious work! :S My tech project has been the real killer one, its taken far too long and its not even finished... not good! My media project can be finished next week in france with the final segment! The good news is that my ICT is finished! :D I just need it to be checked by my teacher! So that one load of my mind! Other sad news to come from Corfe Hills is the departure of Sue in  the cafe, everyone loves Sue and i'm sure everyone wishes her the best in her new job! The last major annoyance at the moment is the fact the weather is so great at the moment that i'd rather be outside enjoying it than doing coursework! Not great i know...

Speaking of the weather, its been amazing! I'm not going to lie, i have been tempted to go out and get a tan! however, as it seems school work has ruined my tanning routine! So when questioned why i am so white and pasty i will reply, its because i'm a good student who does his school work!.... Apparently... the weather at the moment is what i like to call "Aussie time, time to whack out jacko!" this roughly translates into "lets hang out in the garden with a nice cold fosters!(Jacko) and wish we could BBQ" Now im not the sort of person who holds a grudge... or maybe i am... i'm not really sure...   well anyway, im very jealous of the Aussie way of life, three main aspects if which include the three B's! Beech, BBQ and Beer! now that seems like the life for me! i think i'm a secret Aussie... or at least i hope so!

Well now we move onto my love life, except for the Aussie way of life, this hasn't really improved :( i might be tempted to result to bribery to win her back... now what would she like? All i can really offer her is my hopes and dreams! And hopefully after tomorrow night a share of £12 million! After serious consideration i have consisted a plan to win her back, all i need it a bit of chloroform.... Actually better not do that... Might not work... Well ok give it some time and i will think of a better idea! the sad thing is that i never get to see her and i think about her all the time! It is the sad bit, i'm not the sad bit! Before anyone decides to comment!!!!! You know when every time you see something that reminds you of something, for example you see someone with beach stuff and it reminds you of the last time you went to the beach? Well i get that all the time! Especially when i see a mint green Peugeot 206, which i have personally decided are the most popular car bought ever! Only rivaled by the silver Vauxhall Astra! Which is what my sister has, therefore i'm always checking silver Astra's to see if they are her!

So with that i will leave you for two weeks, try not to be sad or cry, because i will return in a fortnights time! :D With (Hopefully) more exciting things to talk about! But until then i will bid you farewell!

ta ta!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

So the weekend...

Well, i posted Friday and i'm posting again today, what am i like?... 
Anyway, my weekend... 

Saturday was good, i watched the F1 qualifying and then went out with my mates for an hour before work. which was entertaining... my friend Matt, who i'm sure I've mentioned before,  has finally got his Micra on the road and driving around. which mean't he spent practically all of the weekend on Corfe Mullen, which was nice to see him because he lives in Spetisbury! Matt's helping me film my media product which we tried to do today... unfortunately i had two punctures and our filming session was cut very short... NOT GOOD! 

So after giving up on filming my media thing, after running out of inner tubes! we decided to go to the REC for a bit. Mainly because the weather was so damn good! My parents and my cousins were there, which was nice, AND VERY TIRING, to see them! they are 6,5 and 3 and all little nightmares! we played Frisbee, football and wrestle Matt to the ground! fun for all! Another funny thing include my uncle falling flat on his arse playing football! had us all in hysterics for a very long time! :D 

Today saw the return of the F1 for another weekend, this for me is a important event because of my Fantasy F1 league. This weekend was not a success for my team, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel not scoring was a big blow, however as per usual Sergio Perez scored me the best points of the whole weekend! I am 7 points behind my sister in the league, but that isn't factoring the scores from the last week, which would make my team still on top of the league! GET IN THERE!!!!!! I'm just waiting for the scores from last week and then i get to boast a little more! ;) 

With the weather being so great today, it was nice to spend some time with my friends at the REC because it brings back some great memories of hanging out at the REC! just when we used to before there was a few more people, by about 20... but still 3 was good enough for today! one thing i did notice however is the amount of couples who were out enjoying the sun, holding hands and kissing... now i hate to sound like a dick but i really want to interrupt all of the kissing because it was making me very sad indeed! I did think about kissing matt... but he is not my type, mainly because he is a man... and has a bit of a beard! I've never wanted to be with a girl so badly since the break up! now this is probably sounding a bit repetitive by now! me moaning about being single! but im not the sort of guy who likes being single, i like to have someone to spend those 'Moments' with! someone to hold, hug and kiss! i guess i'm a bit of a softy like that. i just wanted someone to go out for a walk with, enjoy the sunshine and share a ice cream... i really miss her y'know.... :(

now its a week before i go to france. everything is starting to get a little more exciting, i have a new pair of shoes to go away with and recently bought myself a new Southampton F.C football shirt! name  and number too! i thought a better buy one now were a sure bet to go up automatically! Also now i have a job i guessed i should treat myself, and because everything in my life is going 'tits up' if you pardon the expression! i thought i deserved a little 'pick me up'! i have also some money changed from pounds to euros, which is even more exciting! now, because i have two punctures today it looks like im going to have to buy a huge stash of inner tubes in france! they are extremely cheap in a shop called "Decathlon". which i guess is sorta like JJB sports crossed with Oswald Bailey! full of every type of sports gear and hiking gear available, you can even buy live bait for fishing in there! first thing im going to buy over there though is a nice cold beer from the bar! because after traveling all the way down their i think i deserve one! don't you?!

Final bit of good news, i have finally won on the euromillions!!!!!! a whopping £2.40 friday night! i'm so proud! and with the excitement i bought myself a normal lotto ticket for last night... i still haven't checked it yet so i could be sat here a millionaire, or not... y'know its not likely, but you can still have to dream!
now, i would like to take this final opportunity to say a little hello to everyone from work who is reading this, i never knew you guys did read this so i hope i don't sound too boring! and i'm just as entertaining as i am at work! if not say! and i will liven it up a little! ;) 

fair well for now!    

Friday, 23 March 2012

and the weekend is here! :D

Hey guys! unfortunately i'm blogging a £4 poorer man after Tuesdays poor showing in the EuroMillions, but don't worry, where there is sadness their will be joy! (hopefully) well that's what i have been telling myself over the last few weeks anyway... yes you may of guessed it.. i'm still single... Moving swiftly on to the weekend!

Corfe Mullen is slowly turning into tropical! It is a massive shock to the system! However, i'm really liking this because its getting me warmed up for the two weeks in the south of France in 8 days! not excited or anything... i hope that in two days i'm sat in the sun eating dorito's and dip and drinking orange juice like i am now! sounds a good life! Only if i could do this everyday, like if i won the euromillions... You may get annoyed with me talking about the euro's far too much! i certainly know it annoys my mate Matt! in case your wondering, I've bought my ticket for tonight, FINGERS CROSSED!

In other news, i'm thinking about changing my hair style. at the moment its a bit like the beetles crossed with the hair bear bunch. what i thought of going for was either the 'Ed Sheeran' or the 'Young Einstein', either way its a little bit different! i do have a haircut booked for next week, i just have to make sure my dad doesn't slip the hairdresser a fiver and say scalp him!!!

Recently My tutor has taken it upon himself to find me a job until i win the euromillions. Today, he gave me a Gap Year magazine, which always makes me jealous of people who live in places such as Australia and Canada, who have sunshine and amazing views! Another job which me and a my friend Dan came up with is authors of the "Worlds Greatest Beaches" book which allows us to go to as many beaches as we can, enjoy the sunshine, drink beer and BBQ! LIFE DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT! How would we fund such a idea? well i dunno but i can't see us being incredibly rich people... unless of course we were millionaires....

Whats better than living life on a beach? how about living on the French Rivera on a Sunseeker Predator 130 yacht! yes i know, YET another fantasy! a £10 million one at that! its would be a hell of a party boat! but I've got to be careful who i invite, because i don't particularly want to clean a melted jelly baby from the inside of a microwave... or for that matter a cat...

In more realistic news, i have finished my media essay mk2! and handed it in as well! for some reason my perfectly good essay wasn't as good as i thought it was... in other media related news, my actual movie has now two segments filmed and the last one in england going to be filmed on sunday!

My nephew had his 2nd birthday yesterday, which made me very jealous indeed, simply because when i was his ages i never got the uber cool things he got! a new Southampton F.C. kit with his name on the back, endless cars and a hornby train set which he loves! it made me realize how much i like children, and would love to have a family of my own one day. That was, However, until he opened his mouth and started to scream....  i have now decided i might not have children... plus i don't have the partner to do that sort of stuff with...

Work is depressing me at the moment. i think now the novelty has finally worn off for good! it has finally dawned upon me that if i stay in this job for too long i might very well turn me into the biggest depressed person ever! and on that note i have 1 hour and 40 minuets until my next shift starts at my favorite place on the planet!

just a quick reminder that the formula one is on this weekend, and if anyone knows me well they would know that my team "LGD-Racing" are top of the "Dillon racing league" and i intend to keep them there! We are 11 points clear of my older brother Chris and 89 points clear of bottom of the league Younger brother James... HAPPY DAYS!

i will leave you with one last thought. no matter if i win the euro's or not, i will keep on posting! just encase you thought i wouldn't!

Ta ta for now!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

and you caught my eye...

Today sucked! their is no other way to describe it! It's been like nearly two weeks but if anything i miss you so much more! When i catch a glimpse of you it makes me happy, but then again it makes me feel very empty. All i want to do is hug you, cuddle with you and talk to you! you were my best friend for such a long time, now its just empty. I can't escape you, when i can't see you i'm thinking about you. Everything i do reminds me of you, just going out to walk the dog reminds me of you. I can't escape you, sometimes i wish i could for just a day, but i can't. I just want to be with you, but why? why do i want to be with you? you broke my heart so many times, yet i still feel the same about you! I've never missed an Ex like i have missed you! I miss your laugh, your smile, i miss how you would say things one minute and a day later forget you said them! I miss your kiss, and the way you used to lick my nose! I miss how you used to listen to everything i said, and even if you were not listening you made it seem like you were! I miss you calling me "Sweetpea"! I miss how you would correct my grammar at every moment possible! I miss how your insults don't make sense! I even miss watching Jeremy Kyle with you! I miss how you only ate cheese sandwiches and drank only water! I EVEN MISS HOW EVERY MEAL WAS PIZZA! I miss making cakes, muffins and cookies! I miss watching you, in all your beauty! Whether it's sewing, knitting or just reading a book. the way you used to shout at me for not doing work, and shout at me for distracting you from your work! I miss how you used to beg me not to tickle you, but i still would! I miss the intense stare you used to give me before we made out. I miss laying in your bed next to you, just cuddling and talking. I miss your cute little snore you had when you fell asleep in my arms! I miss the random German conversations we would have. I miss how you would ask my opinion on something then completely ignore it. I miss how everything was hand made, made with love and care! There is nothing i don't miss about you! You mean so much too me that i can't just let you go! What can i do to make you love me? I want all these things again! Actually i don't.... i just want you!

Rachel Latham, i love you

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Week

Well where do i start? with the disappointment or the joy? well lets start with whats theirs less of.... joy. 

Well Melbourne Australia is the start of the Formula 1 season, the glitz and glamour that is the pinnacle of Motorsport. As usual i'm cheering on big Paul di Resta, the super fast flying Scot who's enjoying his second year in the highest form of the sport. I've been a fan of Paul since his DTM days and i'm glad to see his talent has has been noticed, even if he was Mercedes driver and i'm Audi fan. why else is the start of the F1 exciting? well it sees the return of Fantasy F1, this year my team goes head to head in the Dillon Racing League against my brothers and sister. I've gone for what thought was the best and most consistent team that is Red Bull and the man on fire that is Sebastian Vettel, however after watching qualifying i probably should of put my faith in the all English team of McLaren. I'm not unhappy with the fact the McLaren's have locked out the front row because its nice to see the Brits doing well! Furthermore i'm not unhappy that the most beautiful car on the grid has locked out the front row, it's nice to see that beauty still pro vales in the sport, just like in the 60's when sports cars where beautiful and curvy like they should be! In particular my favorite the Ferrari 250 GTO! Other MORE exciting news is that i'm going on holiday in the Easter half term. I'm going to the French Riviera for two weeks with friends. Which i'm looking forward too! its very exciting! 

Now, onto the bad part of my week. Where do i start?! Well media, my 2000 word essay that i worked so incredibly hard on, was crap! out of 48 it scored 17! So i need to rewrite it, rapidly! so that was the start of the week, which only got worse! I also have to resit my ICT info 1 exam, so that i can get a 'C' overall in ICT. SO YAY EVEN MORE EXAMS! :( Among this i have next few weeks to hand in my Product design coursework, first is the actual product which is a bike stand made from solid pine which needs to be in by two weeks time. Then their is my portfolio of sheets to follow which is due in the week after. I guess i'm not having much of a social life until the end of the Easter break.i also wasn't very well at the start of the week, what i thought was tonsillitis turned out to be a sore throat. i wasn't impressed, good news it wasn't tonsillitis! However i have to put on my work form that i was off for a week with a sore throat... i don't think they will be impressed... other bad news this week is that i'm not a euro millionaire... this is extremely sad because i have no life after i leave school, no idea where i'm going or what i'm going to do come August. So £37 million would of been a nice little win to ensure my life is full of hope and joy right now! Also a nice little win would of ensured my ownership of a Ferrari of some description! and would also ensure i'm not stuck working in a Co-op for the rest of my life... which isn't the career path i had in mind! What else would of £37 million brought me? Well after the recent departure of the love of my life, its would bring a bit of comfort and help me with my struggle to win her back, which for now is non existent! And i don't want it too be! so until my numbers come up, i'm going to have to struggle on unaided! In the hope that's enough! 

I hope everyone else had a good week! And i also wish everyone a better next week! for now, i'm going to finish my media essay then at four, go back to work. After work tonight, i'm going to tuck myself up in bed and wonder what could of been, and whats going to be! After all, the euro millions returns Tuesday! Sure £12 million isn't much, but its enough for me and my quest! I miss her loads! 
bye for now!   

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Für mein leibling Rachel, wo immer sie auch sein mag

Well i am not sure how to start this post, i don't want to seem to be an arse but don't make plans for your life. plain and simple. when i look back on what could of been, i am very upset with myself, i have been an arse and boy do i know it! the one thing i wanted from my life, is the one that will never be and its a hard thing to understand. Realizing the one person you have felt so much for, doesn't feel the same. its a real "kick in the twins"! i can't stop thinking about her, and if anything its making it harder for me to let her go. and i know i am going to have to! but i don't want too! even now when i am writing this, she has just come on msn messenger. i just can't seem to escape her. but if i am completely honest, i don't want too! i love her!

i think its important to follow your dreams, after watching the "SENNA" documentary today i am finding it even more important to do so, i mean senna spent loads of time studying at school, so that his time outside of school was spent on his go kart. he then left Brazil to race go karts in England and from there his racing career just exploded into 3 F1 world championships. his career ended doing the thing he loved the most, racing. he was often criticized for his style by those who did not understand him, and i think that for what he was, he was a inspiration and a legend! and he will be sorely missed by those who knew of him! a true great who was passionate about what he did! 

looking back upon my life so far, if i had followed every dream i have ever had. when i was 4 and in preschool, i wanted to be a NASCAR driver and follow my idol Cole Trickle. its only later i learnt that Cole trickle is actually Tom Cruise, in the film Days of Thunder. and what would of happened if i followed this dream? well i would be in a low form of motorsport dreaming of a career in the states racing the ovals! fast forward a year. first year of school, i was 5. i wanted to be in the turret of a challenger tank, blowing up as much of the enemy as i could. if i had followed my dream? i would probably be in tank driver training and considering going to the middle east. me age 6, new year and a new dream. driving tanks is out, and driving cars is back in. this time its the glitz and glamour of the F1 paddock i wanted. the international fame and the media attention of being the 4th brit on the grid for this season, the testing is over and the final preparation for the first race of the season in Melbourne. now me age 7, i would be in year 2 at school. this is where my dream of flying took control. i wanted to be a pilot in the RAF, how good i would of been i have no idea but it was a dream. if i had pursued this dream where would i be? well considering i wouldn't be a great pilot, i would probably be a pretty naf ground crew member!! now, year three this is where i wanted to be a football player! watching the year above play football at lunchtimes made me want to play even more. its only when i got to year 4 i managed to play football. at this age i considered myself to be quite good, and slightly big headed! i think i played 4 games for the school and scored 3 goals, which i thought was not to bad at the time! and if i followed my dream? well i would be celebrating the 2-0 win Southampton had today, and partying more because saints are still top of the championship! now your probably getting quite bored of me telling you what my life would of been like? i hope not because i am going to continue! well now  at this point i have left first school and experiencing the fun and joy of middle school. but for me it was mainly bullying! anyway, basically i wanted to be a pro scooter rider, thena pro motorcross riders and then a pro mountain biker! that would either make me recovering from an injury from falling of my motorcross bike or make me be scraping a living trying to be a mountain biker, or better still coming of a win at the "whitestyle" comp and preparing for the freeride mountain biking world tour! however i doubt that would ever happen! now my high school life, besides meeting some of my best friends and that one special person, i wanted a realistic way of life and not the glitz and glamour! i wanted to move to Germany and build race cars for Audi! i know, back to race cars! but this was just a dream, simply because i am not that mechanically minded and also my germans not that great! now for most of high school after the Audi scenario i just wanted to be a mountain biker, i made youtube videos to try and make it famous. but if anything this made me less likely to become a pro! now before i get to my life at the moment, there was just one last fantasy, see if you can guess.... yes of course it was becoming a racing driver, i know AGAIN! now if i followed this time i would be very poor and regretting the decision to spend all of my money on being a racing driver! so now i get to the present. the one dream i had is no longer, this dream however was more realistic then most others, it was to get married and settle down with the one girl i love. have some kids and enjoy the little things! what i thought would be the most realistic dream in the 18 years i have been on this earth. but unlike all my other dreams i actually believed in this one and i committed myself to this dream, and i think this is why its ended in so badly.

so i would like to apologies to everyone who thought this would be a happy and cheery blog today! and to everyone i have depressed i am even more apologetic. so what now? well i am working for the co-op, its not glamorous, but it is a job! and what for my future? well i will be waiting forever for her to return! and i hope when she does that i can finally fulfill one of my dreams! but until then the cogs of life keep on turning and the winds of change are howling....