Sunday, 25 March 2012

So the weekend...

Well, i posted Friday and i'm posting again today, what am i like?... 
Anyway, my weekend... 

Saturday was good, i watched the F1 qualifying and then went out with my mates for an hour before work. which was entertaining... my friend Matt, who i'm sure I've mentioned before,  has finally got his Micra on the road and driving around. which mean't he spent practically all of the weekend on Corfe Mullen, which was nice to see him because he lives in Spetisbury! Matt's helping me film my media product which we tried to do today... unfortunately i had two punctures and our filming session was cut very short... NOT GOOD! 

So after giving up on filming my media thing, after running out of inner tubes! we decided to go to the REC for a bit. Mainly because the weather was so damn good! My parents and my cousins were there, which was nice, AND VERY TIRING, to see them! they are 6,5 and 3 and all little nightmares! we played Frisbee, football and wrestle Matt to the ground! fun for all! Another funny thing include my uncle falling flat on his arse playing football! had us all in hysterics for a very long time! :D 

Today saw the return of the F1 for another weekend, this for me is a important event because of my Fantasy F1 league. This weekend was not a success for my team, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel not scoring was a big blow, however as per usual Sergio Perez scored me the best points of the whole weekend! I am 7 points behind my sister in the league, but that isn't factoring the scores from the last week, which would make my team still on top of the league! GET IN THERE!!!!!! I'm just waiting for the scores from last week and then i get to boast a little more! ;) 

With the weather being so great today, it was nice to spend some time with my friends at the REC because it brings back some great memories of hanging out at the REC! just when we used to before there was a few more people, by about 20... but still 3 was good enough for today! one thing i did notice however is the amount of couples who were out enjoying the sun, holding hands and kissing... now i hate to sound like a dick but i really want to interrupt all of the kissing because it was making me very sad indeed! I did think about kissing matt... but he is not my type, mainly because he is a man... and has a bit of a beard! I've never wanted to be with a girl so badly since the break up! now this is probably sounding a bit repetitive by now! me moaning about being single! but im not the sort of guy who likes being single, i like to have someone to spend those 'Moments' with! someone to hold, hug and kiss! i guess i'm a bit of a softy like that. i just wanted someone to go out for a walk with, enjoy the sunshine and share a ice cream... i really miss her y'know.... :(

now its a week before i go to france. everything is starting to get a little more exciting, i have a new pair of shoes to go away with and recently bought myself a new Southampton F.C football shirt! name  and number too! i thought a better buy one now were a sure bet to go up automatically! Also now i have a job i guessed i should treat myself, and because everything in my life is going 'tits up' if you pardon the expression! i thought i deserved a little 'pick me up'! i have also some money changed from pounds to euros, which is even more exciting! now, because i have two punctures today it looks like im going to have to buy a huge stash of inner tubes in france! they are extremely cheap in a shop called "Decathlon". which i guess is sorta like JJB sports crossed with Oswald Bailey! full of every type of sports gear and hiking gear available, you can even buy live bait for fishing in there! first thing im going to buy over there though is a nice cold beer from the bar! because after traveling all the way down their i think i deserve one! don't you?!

Final bit of good news, i have finally won on the euromillions!!!!!! a whopping £2.40 friday night! i'm so proud! and with the excitement i bought myself a normal lotto ticket for last night... i still haven't checked it yet so i could be sat here a millionaire, or not... y'know its not likely, but you can still have to dream!
now, i would like to take this final opportunity to say a little hello to everyone from work who is reading this, i never knew you guys did read this so i hope i don't sound too boring! and i'm just as entertaining as i am at work! if not say! and i will liven it up a little! ;) 

fair well for now!    

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