Friday, 23 March 2012

and the weekend is here! :D

Hey guys! unfortunately i'm blogging a £4 poorer man after Tuesdays poor showing in the EuroMillions, but don't worry, where there is sadness their will be joy! (hopefully) well that's what i have been telling myself over the last few weeks anyway... yes you may of guessed it.. i'm still single... Moving swiftly on to the weekend!

Corfe Mullen is slowly turning into tropical! It is a massive shock to the system! However, i'm really liking this because its getting me warmed up for the two weeks in the south of France in 8 days! not excited or anything... i hope that in two days i'm sat in the sun eating dorito's and dip and drinking orange juice like i am now! sounds a good life! Only if i could do this everyday, like if i won the euromillions... You may get annoyed with me talking about the euro's far too much! i certainly know it annoys my mate Matt! in case your wondering, I've bought my ticket for tonight, FINGERS CROSSED!

In other news, i'm thinking about changing my hair style. at the moment its a bit like the beetles crossed with the hair bear bunch. what i thought of going for was either the 'Ed Sheeran' or the 'Young Einstein', either way its a little bit different! i do have a haircut booked for next week, i just have to make sure my dad doesn't slip the hairdresser a fiver and say scalp him!!!

Recently My tutor has taken it upon himself to find me a job until i win the euromillions. Today, he gave me a Gap Year magazine, which always makes me jealous of people who live in places such as Australia and Canada, who have sunshine and amazing views! Another job which me and a my friend Dan came up with is authors of the "Worlds Greatest Beaches" book which allows us to go to as many beaches as we can, enjoy the sunshine, drink beer and BBQ! LIFE DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT! How would we fund such a idea? well i dunno but i can't see us being incredibly rich people... unless of course we were millionaires....

Whats better than living life on a beach? how about living on the French Rivera on a Sunseeker Predator 130 yacht! yes i know, YET another fantasy! a £10 million one at that! its would be a hell of a party boat! but I've got to be careful who i invite, because i don't particularly want to clean a melted jelly baby from the inside of a microwave... or for that matter a cat...

In more realistic news, i have finished my media essay mk2! and handed it in as well! for some reason my perfectly good essay wasn't as good as i thought it was... in other media related news, my actual movie has now two segments filmed and the last one in england going to be filmed on sunday!

My nephew had his 2nd birthday yesterday, which made me very jealous indeed, simply because when i was his ages i never got the uber cool things he got! a new Southampton F.C. kit with his name on the back, endless cars and a hornby train set which he loves! it made me realize how much i like children, and would love to have a family of my own one day. That was, However, until he opened his mouth and started to scream....  i have now decided i might not have children... plus i don't have the partner to do that sort of stuff with...

Work is depressing me at the moment. i think now the novelty has finally worn off for good! it has finally dawned upon me that if i stay in this job for too long i might very well turn me into the biggest depressed person ever! and on that note i have 1 hour and 40 minuets until my next shift starts at my favorite place on the planet!

just a quick reminder that the formula one is on this weekend, and if anyone knows me well they would know that my team "LGD-Racing" are top of the "Dillon racing league" and i intend to keep them there! We are 11 points clear of my older brother Chris and 89 points clear of bottom of the league Younger brother James... HAPPY DAYS!

i will leave you with one last thought. no matter if i win the euro's or not, i will keep on posting! just encase you thought i wouldn't!

Ta ta for now!


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