Thursday, 29 March 2012

a day left....

Hey peeps!

Well i thought i better post one more time before i leave for france! So whats new in my world? Well for starters a double bed for my room! :D Not bad ay? However its not the most comfy bed in the entire world, but its something i'm going to have to get used too! Other new things include the new Within Temptation album AND the new Evanescence album! :D ULTRA WIN! I actually feel like my world is slowly upgrading to an adults world, i mean except for the fact i have a decent job and a car... apart from that though its pretty good! no complaints so far! :D

Well its thursday you know what that means... i'm gearing up for "BIG friday" (the euromillions) However some bastards have won the last few jackpots so at the moment its a tiny £12 million, now i have no beef with winning £12 million... Its just that the Sunseeker i have picked out is £11 million which doesn't exactly leave me with much to get a new house and a ferrari! :( I guess however the Sunseeker is the boat equivalent of a house... Considering it's 130ft long! It also has the capacity for 8 guests with 5 bedrooms, now by my calculations, that leaves enough beds for everyone in my family (NOT SECOND COUSINS THREE TIMES REMOVED....) However, it also leaves me a bit short for cash when it comes to hiring my monkey butler, Phillip. I guess i'm just going to have to hire the next best thing, his cousin Gordon the Gorilla! ;) Although, I hear he is easily tempted with payments in pasties of the Cornish persuasion! :D

This particular week at school has been hell! no other way to describe it! I've had to attempt to hand in three projects, which are not nearly enough finished, well one is, the other two need serious work! :S My tech project has been the real killer one, its taken far too long and its not even finished... not good! My media project can be finished next week in france with the final segment! The good news is that my ICT is finished! :D I just need it to be checked by my teacher! So that one load of my mind! Other sad news to come from Corfe Hills is the departure of Sue in  the cafe, everyone loves Sue and i'm sure everyone wishes her the best in her new job! The last major annoyance at the moment is the fact the weather is so great at the moment that i'd rather be outside enjoying it than doing coursework! Not great i know...

Speaking of the weather, its been amazing! I'm not going to lie, i have been tempted to go out and get a tan! however, as it seems school work has ruined my tanning routine! So when questioned why i am so white and pasty i will reply, its because i'm a good student who does his school work!.... Apparently... the weather at the moment is what i like to call "Aussie time, time to whack out jacko!" this roughly translates into "lets hang out in the garden with a nice cold fosters!(Jacko) and wish we could BBQ" Now im not the sort of person who holds a grudge... or maybe i am... i'm not really sure...   well anyway, im very jealous of the Aussie way of life, three main aspects if which include the three B's! Beech, BBQ and Beer! now that seems like the life for me! i think i'm a secret Aussie... or at least i hope so!

Well now we move onto my love life, except for the Aussie way of life, this hasn't really improved :( i might be tempted to result to bribery to win her back... now what would she like? All i can really offer her is my hopes and dreams! And hopefully after tomorrow night a share of £12 million! After serious consideration i have consisted a plan to win her back, all i need it a bit of chloroform.... Actually better not do that... Might not work... Well ok give it some time and i will think of a better idea! the sad thing is that i never get to see her and i think about her all the time! It is the sad bit, i'm not the sad bit! Before anyone decides to comment!!!!! You know when every time you see something that reminds you of something, for example you see someone with beach stuff and it reminds you of the last time you went to the beach? Well i get that all the time! Especially when i see a mint green Peugeot 206, which i have personally decided are the most popular car bought ever! Only rivaled by the silver Vauxhall Astra! Which is what my sister has, therefore i'm always checking silver Astra's to see if they are her!

So with that i will leave you for two weeks, try not to be sad or cry, because i will return in a fortnights time! :D With (Hopefully) more exciting things to talk about! But until then i will bid you farewell!

ta ta!

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