Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Week

Well where do i start? with the disappointment or the joy? well lets start with whats theirs less of.... joy. 

Well Melbourne Australia is the start of the Formula 1 season, the glitz and glamour that is the pinnacle of Motorsport. As usual i'm cheering on big Paul di Resta, the super fast flying Scot who's enjoying his second year in the highest form of the sport. I've been a fan of Paul since his DTM days and i'm glad to see his talent has has been noticed, even if he was Mercedes driver and i'm Audi fan. why else is the start of the F1 exciting? well it sees the return of Fantasy F1, this year my team goes head to head in the Dillon Racing League against my brothers and sister. I've gone for what thought was the best and most consistent team that is Red Bull and the man on fire that is Sebastian Vettel, however after watching qualifying i probably should of put my faith in the all English team of McLaren. I'm not unhappy with the fact the McLaren's have locked out the front row because its nice to see the Brits doing well! Furthermore i'm not unhappy that the most beautiful car on the grid has locked out the front row, it's nice to see that beauty still pro vales in the sport, just like in the 60's when sports cars where beautiful and curvy like they should be! In particular my favorite the Ferrari 250 GTO! Other MORE exciting news is that i'm going on holiday in the Easter half term. I'm going to the French Riviera for two weeks with friends. Which i'm looking forward too! its very exciting! 

Now, onto the bad part of my week. Where do i start?! Well media, my 2000 word essay that i worked so incredibly hard on, was crap! out of 48 it scored 17! So i need to rewrite it, rapidly! so that was the start of the week, which only got worse! I also have to resit my ICT info 1 exam, so that i can get a 'C' overall in ICT. SO YAY EVEN MORE EXAMS! :( Among this i have next few weeks to hand in my Product design coursework, first is the actual product which is a bike stand made from solid pine which needs to be in by two weeks time. Then their is my portfolio of sheets to follow which is due in the week after. I guess i'm not having much of a social life until the end of the Easter break.i also wasn't very well at the start of the week, what i thought was tonsillitis turned out to be a sore throat. i wasn't impressed, good news it wasn't tonsillitis! However i have to put on my work form that i was off for a week with a sore throat... i don't think they will be impressed... other bad news this week is that i'm not a euro millionaire... this is extremely sad because i have no life after i leave school, no idea where i'm going or what i'm going to do come August. So £37 million would of been a nice little win to ensure my life is full of hope and joy right now! Also a nice little win would of ensured my ownership of a Ferrari of some description! and would also ensure i'm not stuck working in a Co-op for the rest of my life... which isn't the career path i had in mind! What else would of £37 million brought me? Well after the recent departure of the love of my life, its would bring a bit of comfort and help me with my struggle to win her back, which for now is non existent! And i don't want it too be! so until my numbers come up, i'm going to have to struggle on unaided! In the hope that's enough! 

I hope everyone else had a good week! And i also wish everyone a better next week! for now, i'm going to finish my media essay then at four, go back to work. After work tonight, i'm going to tuck myself up in bed and wonder what could of been, and whats going to be! After all, the euro millions returns Tuesday! Sure £12 million isn't much, but its enough for me and my quest! I miss her loads! 
bye for now!   

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