Thursday, 10 May 2012


Redneck - the ability to take a perfectly good product and make a terrible replication of!

This is the general response to the term "Redneck". This makes me a little skeptical of my mates idea of "Redneck industries". How the public will see this corporation will be a interesting factor indeed! now what is "Redneck industries"? I here you say? Well it will cover 3 major action sport companies, "Redneck Skateboards", "Redneck Snowboards?" and "Redneck Bikes". These companies are the brain childs of my mates Matt, Luke and I. The uniting of the companies under one name by Matt was a stroke of genius, it also allows us to all be business partners and remain close friends! cunning ay?! ;) Well this also allows us to go on huge team road trips much like the "LADs trip of europe" next year! All 3 of us are heavily into our chosen sports, as you know im a keen mountain biker! The chance to ride full time is a chance that cant be missed! surely? But what makes this the most appealing is that i get to stay close to my friends and get to ride my bike full time! Two things that i intend to keep in the distant future! But you may ask, how would i get get funding for this? well i dont know the answer to that... but i do hope that it involves me riding full time!

Another great thing about this is that i get to see my mates achieve have fun and achieve there goals in their respective sports! And even if "Redneck bikes" doesn't take off, i can be a professional movie maker for one of the other brands! as im sure they would allow me! :D However what im looking forward to the most is the fun we are going to have in the future, as im sure, no matter what happens it would be a good laugh!!!!

ta ta for now! :D


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