Wednesday, 27 June 2012

(8) SCHOOLS OUT.....FOREVER!!!! (8)

hey all!

well i would like to say i haven't blogged in log time due to the fact i've been busy. But i haven't... at all!
Today was my last OFFICIAL day of school. Wednesday 27th June 2012, the day Lawrence Dillon i released from the confines of school and into the real world! so as "Days like these" by The Cat Empire plays, this is my best attempt at a tribute to, what i see as, a end of an era!

Good Memories:

- Ollie Harvey catching a bit of orange in his mouth which was flung at him
- Meeting Ollie harvey (maybe)  
- Making new friends which will always be my mates
- The good laughs our group had whilst sitting outside on the field for lunch
- The good laughs our group had whilst sitting inside the hall for lunch
- Ben Duff LAUNCHING himself across the table to retrieve his lunch box of Ollie Harvey
- ALL of the Year 9 lessons with Matt, Dan, Ollie, Sam, Hannah and Rachel
- DRAMA with all of the above
- Dan telling the music teacher he couldn't read...
- Dan moving James Brooks chair before he sits down so he falls on the floor, then gets up calls Ollie and "penis" and then Ollie gets in trouble for it!
- Dan and Ollie getting kicked out of ICT for stabbing Matt with a compass....
- Playing frisbee on the field with the gang
- The MANY "jiggle off's"
- Ryan Baker's Forehead
- Ollie Harvey and Oscar Borton fighting... SO MANY TIMES!
- Messing around with Anabel Dean (sandwoman)
- The more recent endless games of "shit head", "irish snap" and "Rummy"
- The endless amounts of different relationships... for everybody! 
- The inevitable break ups to follow... 
- The begging for brownies 
- The begging for cookie... 
- piggy back races 
- Ollie having to go and sit on his own to eat his lunch by the dinner lady 
- Iain Reid's eyebrows 
- English lessons with Ollie, poems and non poems! 
- Mrs MacDonald standing on a table with a broom, convinced it was a Lee Enfield Rifle (mad old woman from devon)
- "Bum chinemy
- "Dobby" - the original! 
- Elliot getting "Rapetastic" into a exam answer... 
- Science lessons, EVERY YEAR 
- Media
- "Ken Dubbs" and his antics
- The creation of the names "Ken Dubbs", "Drage against the machine", "Hinchie Stryder", "Pussy cat knowles" and "Rammskine"  
- Art with Iain Reid and Ryan Parsons
- Art with Dan
- the over use of the word "Folk"
- Attempting to swap a table from shades with a table in the LRC...
- Mr Wallace
- Taking the piss out of Mr Tanner... constantly!
- The successful and unsuccessful attempts at "door stepping" people
- Jammy S, what ever escapade he undertook was always funny!
- German lessons!

Bad memories:

- it all ending.

will blog again soon!

ta ta

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