Monday, 6 August 2012

work, cycling, work, sleep, work and pub :D

Hey all,

Its been a while, and i'm sorry for that! i have been working a lot recently, when i say a lot last week i only had one day off for the whole week! Thursday is my pub/club night from now on, as its the only day off i have! :( That is however until next week when i go back to having wednesday and thursday off. Its like my little weekend in the middle of the week. The one problem with going out on thursdays is that i have work at 2 on friday, which means i have to wake up and avoid the hangover, which between us is never as bad as everyone says! this means one of two things, 1) Im not drinking enough 2) Im somehow doing it wrong... but yeah i have to avoid getting a hangover because working 2 -10 the next day would be killer with a hangover! So yeah been out for a couple of nights for mates birthdays and for funzies! and have enjoyed every minute! :D

In other news i have been shaved... yes its a sad time i know :( I grew my beard after my ex split up with me because she never let me have a beard and i wanted one, and after she dumped me i thought fcuk it im having one! And the best bit was nobody could tell me to shave it off! (except my manager at work as it turns out) i had a deep attraction to my beard, i mean we did everything together! We went out together, ate together worked together and slept together! So it feels very strange not having one! not only did my beard go but my hair got cut as well, so its a double whammy :( However my complaining shadows the fact it was done for a good cause, i was being sponsored for the 'trim' and all the proceeds went to Julia's House a local children's hospice! i mean it couldn't of gone to me i got a free hair cut out of it! but as it stands i raised over £400 which for shave and a haircut i think is pretty damn impressive! My time at the co-op has seen me go through different era's with my appearance the first was the 60's Beatles cut and clean shaven, the next one was the 70's Bee Gee's look, with a mop of hair and a beard, now i am a 80's pop star a bit like the lead singer of A-ha... big difference ay?! Well my hair was fluffy and mop like and to be cut right back didn't feel right, i mean it felt almost....NORMAL! i couldn't of stand for that, so i decided to grab a hand full of styling wax and get to work on my new style (well the style im putting up with until my mop grows back)

this is me before

this is me after

i know i look sad right, wouldn't you after you just lost half you hair and your beard?! :'( 

oh i almost forgot! i was going to tell you what riding my new roadie bike was like! Well me and Chloe Rose went out for a little spin and we ended up cycling to Boscombe pier! which after i had done it and worked out the miles turned out to be 30 odd miles! not bad :D The best bit was that the Chloe Rose performed flawlessly the whole time! Not even a skip of the gears which made cycling there and back a delight! i have to admit though the road cycling stance is very uncomfortable! and with out suspension the ride is often bumpy and uncomfortable! so yeah with out further a do my route!


Corfe Mullen - Boscombe Pier - Corfe Mullen

so yeah not bad day out! i think i might go out on Georgina the brakeless Trails bike for a bit today! i have made a few changes to the set up and looking forward to testing the end results! its nice having morning's off from work as you dont have to wake up for anything and you get the morning sun :) and a bit of the afternoon but not much..

so till next time,

ta ta

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