Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hey all!

Well as the title suggests i have had practically all my coursework deadlines all at once! Not a great way too start a blog post, but its what I've been focused on recently and the main reason i haven't blogged in a while. yesterday was meant to be the deadline for all three of my coursework pieces for all of my subjects. I am lucky really, as i have been allowed extensions to two of my deadlines, which you would think i would of been pleased about! But after staying up to 5:30 in the morning to complete your media coursework, i was slightly pissed that i could of had this weekend to finish it, now i am slightly happy about this because i wasn't happy with the overall quality of my finished product and this weekend allows me to make required changes. My other extended deadline was in product design, mainly because the finishing touches i need to make i need my teachers help and she is moderating GCSE coursework. but will definitely need to be handed in next week though! Hopefully it will! My one deadline i did have to meet  yesterday i did, which is another load of my mind!
Now, not else has been going on in my life apart from my mass of school work. Since coming back from France I've been in a bit of daze, all I've wanted to do is go back to France. Everything that happened in France was great, i was relaxed and chilled out, i didn't have to do anything i could do what ever i wanted. Since I've been back reality hit home, I've been to work monday, tuesday and yesterday and at school every day this week and when i haven't been doing this I've had other work to do, so no time at all to chill out! WHICH SUCKS SO MUCH!

Recently, i have felt this horrible unloved feeling. Now, i have to clarify this situation. Recently my mates have been great a have really cheered me up when i have felt down, which is nice because it does make me feel loves. Also my family have made me feel loved, and i doubt they will ever make me feel unloved. However, i have always had this kind of love around me and its always been great! But there is always that feeling you have, that little feeling in the pit of your stomach, that one person who makes you feel like they love you more than everyone else put together! That Special person who means so much to you! when that person is missing you always have this unloved feeling, no matter who is around you, no matter what situation!

My final thoughts for this week, are with Georgina. She is my latest thing! Best way to describe her? Slim, sexy and up for a laugh! she is SO beautiful! And even looks great for her age! She is fantastic and i hope she never leaves me because i can feel that we are going to have some great times together in the future and i cant wait!!! So no matter what i should have this feeling of being loved! Well as much as you can form a bike! Yes, Georgina is my new trials bike! She is a GU and recently received a set of forks, a set of wheels, a stem, handlebars, a new headset and a new set of grips! So she has been tarted up a bit over the past few weeks! All i need to get for her now is a set of cranks and a new chainring and she is ready to ride! Lets hope she is as good to ride as she looks!!!!

For now however, i must go to work!

ta ta for now

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