Saturday, 28 January 2012

The return of Olivia!!!

Hallo! :)

I know... Im blogging again... I think im addicted! :S Well, todays blog is about my day! Im finding it hard to sleep in on weekends now, my Mum has to look after my nephew so im woken up pretty early with childrens tv from the other room! I have nothing against childrens tv... Just the hosts freak me out a little! :S its like they are on something! Having to wake up for school during the week after working the following evening isnt pleasant either!

Anyway, back to today! I have decided that since my media coursework is a mountian bime movie i thought it would be a good idea to go out on my trials bike! (Olivia) the reason se is called "olivia" is because well for starters she is a girl, and she functions better with an identity i feel! :) the other reason she is called olivia is because she is a Onza t-mag. Well this ride started out with the usual brush the cobwebs off the bike and fix the puncture i left in the tyre! After replacing the "tube" with a new one and pumping it up i realised the winter had been a little harsh on the old girl and her front brake wasnt as spot on as i like it, which not only made me a little sad about the future ride but also the fact i have to spend yet More money on her! :( after a few adjustments i finally got the ride i had been preparing for! And GOD its been along time! "its like riding a bike! You never forget!" well as i discovered you do forget to ride a trials bike! :S but eventually i got the hang of it again! And i scoped out a few more lines for my movie. One thing i had noticed though, the longer you leave somethig the harder it gets!

I would also like to take time to congratulate liverpool... Being a saints of fan, i can only watch the premiership to gain knowledge of current premiership teams so i know which teams to look out for when were back where we belong! Back to the piont, i would like to congratulate liverpool on beating not only man city but also man utd in he space of a week, no matter how hard that is to say! Ollie, kudos!

Well now i have to leave for work! 4-10 tonight... Fun, fun, fun! :(

i will leave with this though, a apology to ollie! Im sorry i said your blog was racist, but you simply misunderstood! I didnt mean your blog was racist, i meant you were racist! :L

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