Thursday, 26 January 2012

My week!

Guten tag! Well i thought i better blog today because i havent blogged since sunday! Thats like almost 5 days but to be honest who really cares about that ay?! Well my first bit of buisness is to thank ollie harvey for mentioning me in his blog! It was very thoughtful! (i think :S) my second mention today goes out to his blog! For you who are reading this and dont read ollies, type ollie harvey in to facebook and google! But only do it if you have a firm knowledge of football and love football related banter! :) there is also so mild racism in there too!(thought i would let you know!;D) Right important stuff a side my week, started of with what can only be described as THE worse ICT exam i have ever had to do! I didnt like it! AT ALL! :( tuesday? Well that was eventful too! But not eventful enough to get a mention in todays blog. Wednesday, i had one of the nicest exams ive ever had to do!!!! Media mest3, love it! Unoike my ICT exam i understood the questions! Once that exam was over, and i attended my ICT lesson rachel and i had a cool trip to poole! And then back to hers for a bit of big bang theory! TODAY, now that me media studies exam is over... Its on to coursework! :D *cue the glitz and glamour of hollywoood!* or.... Maybe corfe hills?! Its like Hollywood... Actually its not... AT ALL! :( Now, my coursework, it has to be on something i am passionate about. Something that can be done on a low budget... Give up? So have i! Well nearly... I stumbled across an idea on my walk home, a Mountian Bike Movie! I carnt think of a high budget Mountian bike movie, and plus i have enough of them to study AND enough bikes for different scenes and shots! So alls good there! :D What else has happened recently... Well i planned my 15th and 16th of febuary! Carnt tell you though.. Its a secret! :) i would like to congratulate cardiff city on making the carling cup final only to meet liverpool, i myself am looking forward to another giant killing! :) i also had to carry 2.1 metres of 4"X4" pine to school only to findout that the saw at school carnt cut it because its too large so i had to cut it by hand... Not fun times!!! :@ well that been the fun of this week! Bonus is however, i got paid today! So some good times too be had! Internet shopping that is :D tonight? Well relaxation is my main goal, but i doubt this will be possible because if i do relax then i will be shouted at by rachel for not doing the work i am behind on so i guess it will be more hard work ahead! But not before i watch a few mountain bike films for inspiration! Farewell for now! :D

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