Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gun tag! Yeah thats as far as my german goes... One thing you will notice about me and my blog is that i tend to ramble on a bit... And use "..." and "!" far too much! And i carnt spell that well and my grammar is a bit naff... I think im dyslexic and my mum thinks im just lazy... Well i didnt know how to start this blog off, but from not know came an answer, if that makes sence. I have a pittle lawrence inside my head narrating everything i write as if im reading it while im writing... <- see ramble!!! My inspiration to blog... Two of my friends do it! And also i find writing things out makes them seem more clearer and i often forget things to say, not good! :s Now a little about myself, im 18 (i know old right?!) im a huge car fanatic! I mean im a huge petrol head! I mean i think of things like " what would it be like to put a V8 in a reliant robin" you know the more creative (or crazy) of the petrol heads!! I also love a good "shred" thats mountian biker talk for a jolly good ride! Basically flat out jumping of stuff and generally enjoyin the ride! I also have the best girlfriend in the world! Not just saying the because she is proberly the only person reading this! (i hope its not just her!) she is a little bit crazy but i wouldnt have it any other way! A little about my future, i plan to retire too the austrian alps, hopefully not alone, too make furniture, for my alpine chalet! Why austrian alps i hear you shout?!... Well anyway there is three simple reason 1) i love the alps 2)i can mountain bike in the alps and 3)they speak german there!!!! I have this weird fasination with the german language, not being able to speak it comes at a disadvantage. My love for the german language comes from mainly Rammstein and DTM, the german heavy metal giants know how to put a tune together!! I do however have a personal german tutor but she doesnt know it yet :L The reason i am going to make furniture is because it gives me a reason to own a wood lathe :D the best and most fun wood working tool, closely followed by the the hammer! :D however my career path is not so clear, there is no job that really appeals to me, im just praying for a HUGE win on the euromillions! So i can have all the things ive wished for! Well i will end this post with an explination into the name "Lawrence die hoffnungslose narren" roughly translates into lawrence the hopeless fool! Tschüs :D