Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ay up!

Im sorry i havent blogged in a VERY long time, everytime i get a chance too something else pops up to stop me from doing so! Mainly a nearly 2 year old ball of terror that is my nephew! But more on him later...

Well, my week! Well its half term which means one of the 3 things that takes up most of of my life is no longer there well atleast for a week! For thosr who havent guessed it, i had no school! ;) the second thing that takes up most of my life, work, has been manic and the novelty of working there has worn off and im sick of the place! Now the last thing that takes up most of my time, we had a lovely tuesday, amazing wednesday and a pretty good thursday together! Thats right i got to spend almost 3 whole days with my amazing girlfriend Rachel! My only complaints about it is that i dont get too wake up next to her everyday and cuddle and cuddle before we go to sleep! :( also my bed isnt as big as hers so rolling over in the middle of the night normally finds my flat on the floor! >:(

So what made these days so amazing i hear you ask? Well where do i start? Well on tuesday we went out for a bit in wimborne and did a little shopping and had lunch at toppo's and then went home ajd made jammy dogers! :) preparing for our big wednesday away! Now i must explain this 'big wednesday away', well i planned to take rachel away for a few days with it planning to be tuesday to thursday, however i had to fight to get the tuesday off work and because that didnt happen till the week before we were due to go! So i planned to go away wednesday and come back thursday! Where i really wanted to go was a nice romantic place! Now living in britian this is proberlly the hardest thing ever! So i went further a feild, to jersey! I thought a nice 3 hour sailing from poole, my local town, to st. Helier jersy with condor ferries, stay in the rather fantastic 'Revere' hotel and spa ovr night and then back to poole the next day! So i booked it all the day i got paid! All ofthe deposits and the ferry crossing! And thats not cheap! Only to find that the crossing we were going to take from poole had been cancelled! Oh s**t i thought to myself, luckily i got my ferry crossing money back and a free crossing from where ever to where ever and when ever till when ever! However i lost all of my deposits which im not to happy about! Do you want too know the real kick? The weymouth port down the road from me which condor ferries also sails from has recently been closed due to the port not being safe for boats to sail from or too, soo all of their sailings are now leaving poole, which means that condor ferries are sailing from poole to jersey on the wednesday and also thursday, the excact service they cancelled nearly two weeks ago! Bloody marvelous! So i swapped jersey for swanage! And im pleased to report rachel loved it! We had lunch in the little chipshop by the harbour and then walked around all of the little shops and looked at all of the little things! And we went for a little drive around some of the small villages surronding swanage and corfe castle! Which was interesting when you learn that the roads where the same width of the car! And in the evening we went to prezzos in wimborne for dinner! Which was very enjoyable indeed! :D so it turned out amazing in the end!

So yeah, my wednesday was amazing and i hope everyones was just as good! Well it makes me sad that everyday isnt like that one, and i wish it was! :( but one day it will be and until that day i carnt wait! And through all of the badtimes great days like these make it all worth while! Rachel Latham i love you so much! And i hope you know that! Now im off to finish off my 2000 word media essay! And god knows how many tech sheets! So wish me luck!

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